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OUTER BANKS, NC (WWAY) — The United States Coast Guard is hard at work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The storm may have passed but the job of the Coast Guard is just beginning. WWAY’s Holden Kurwicki took to the skies for a bird’s eye view of the storm’s damage.

“The mission today, we just went out and took the Coast Guard sector personnel around the coast of North Carolina to survey the damage just to kind of get an idea of what the road conditions were and any kind of damage to the ferries,” said Wes McIntosh of the Coast Guard.

The conditions Tuesday were nothing compared to the tropical force winds that the crew faced while responding to a distress signal from the HMS Bounty. McIntosh also says, “After our headquarters had gotten word that they were in distress they wanted us to go out there and check their condition and see if they may not be in distress but more of a malfunction. They sent us out there to take a look at it and when we got out there we found out that their condition was actually worse than what they had initially thought and they were totally without power.”

During the trip, the Coast Guard C-130 passed over those same waters that claimed the Bounty. There was still debris and a life raft from the wreckage in the water.

The USCG says it’s still a search and rescue effort at this point and there are two Coast Guard ships and a C-130 on the scene. The ship’s captain, Robin Walbridge, is still missing.


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