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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — More than two million North Carolinians have cast their vote already. At schools around the area, there’s a different kind of early voting.

Students at Mary C. Williams Elementary School in Wilmington are feeling the patriotic spirit, participating in the annual “Kids Voting” program.

“You have a privilege to do and get who you want or what you want for your school or your state,” 5th grader Morgan Lancaster said.

Fourth grader Michael Dunlap said, “Without voting we wouldn’t have a president, and one person would take over, just like in the other countries.”

“Since we’re a free country, we get to vote for whoever we want and why we want,” 5th grader Joshua Beatty said.

Students cast ballots for all the major races, from president and governor to the the Wilmington ballpark bond referendum. When it came to their pick, they had made up their own minds. And just because they’re young, don’t think they’re not informed.

And while the votes wont actually elect any candidate, don’t count the kids out. In 2008, their votes correctly predicted the outcome of both the presidential and North Carolina gubernatorial races.

Kids voting results will be tallied and released Monday. We’ll let you know who won.


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