Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial: Former baseball team’s move to Georgia ‘case study in stadium foolishness’


    RICHMOND, VA (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH) — Bitter recrimination was the order of the day when the Richmond Braves ball club lit out for Gwinnett, Ga., four years ago. The AAA team had demanded a replacement for its aging ballpark, The Diamond, and local officials hadn’t come through. The city and surrounding counties were denounced as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

    Now it’s beginning to look like they dodged a bullet.

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    County leaders in Gwinnett lured the Braves from Richmond by borrowing millions to build the team a spanking-new stadium. Residents were ecstatic over what the Gwinnett Daily Post termed the fulfillment of "Gwinnett’s dream." A study plumped Gwinnett as "an ideal location" and "one of the strongest markets in the country" for a minor-league club. The paper said surveys showed "overwhelming support" for the proposal.

    But the bloom, as they say, is off the rose.

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