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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It could have easily happened here. Instead, folks in the northeast are dealing with Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects.

“When I heard about this it just broke my heart,” organizer Danielle Schaffer said. “I was raised there for 30 years and it’s a great community. Everyone loves each other, just like Wilmington, North Carolina.”

If Danielle’s moving truck full of supplies is any indication, Wilmington is sending a lot of love their way.

“The outpouring of love from everyone in this community and Wilmington has been outrageous. I even have people in Japan and in California that are sending supplies.”

People from all over our area have stepped up to help. Members of Windermere Presbyterian Church filled their hallways this morning with donations for Danielle.

“That’s what they’re all about,” said church member Karen Scheboth. “We reach out to others in love no matter where we are or where they are.”

Danielle is accepting donations of canned goods, toiletries and clothes but also some things you may not think of.

“They’re trying to rebuild these homes so they need sheet rock,” said Schaffer. “That’s hard to donate so that’s why gift cards would help. They need shovels, they need tents, they need tarps.”

And while it will take a lot of sheet rock and shovels to rebuild, people in our area, most of all, just want the victims to know we care.

“It could have been us,” said Scheboth, “and we just keep them in our prayers and our thoughts and want them to know we’re thinking about them.”

You can find out how to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy by going to the “Danielle’s Drive for Supplies” Facebook page.


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