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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Both sides of the political aisle are trading verbal jabs to try and sway last-minute voters.

For 20-year-old Alex Kennedy, this election is doubly important, as it is his first opportunity to vote.

“It was such a close election, and both parties were saying good things that I thought it would be best for me to come out and put my vote down,” Kennedy.

However on his way to the polls at Williston Middle School in Wilmington, he had to pass through a political battlefield, where electioneers traded verbal jabs over this sign hung by the Democratic Party.

“When I first got here they were hanging up this very large sign, and the sign indicated that it was for a Democratic voting precinct,” Sophie Johnson, a Republican said. “Now, I’m a Republican and also an American, and you’re implying that this is only for Democrats, and that’s not true. It’s for all Americans.”

Democrats fired back that they do not understand all of the fuss; they are just exercising their First Amendment rights.

“They’re upset saying that it’s confusing. They have the right to put a sign over here saying the same thing for the Republican Party, so it’s not illegal,” Democrat E.B. Davis Sr. said.

While the verbal jabs continue to fly outside polling place, inside voters are seeing democracy at its best.

“They have the Republican Party, you have the Democratic Party, and you’ve got independents,” Davis said. “People need to come out and voice their opinion and do their God-given right. I’m not telling them who to vote for.”

The sign that caused the stir remains up outside of the Williston Middle School precinct.


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