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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The race for the 7th Congressional District has been hotly contested since the beginning, and today was no different.

Poltico.com said in October that the race for the 7th District is one of the most expensive in the nation. Today, both incumbent Democrat Mike McIntyre and Republican challenger David Rouzer took their campaigns to the street for one final push to get votes.

“We feel a great sense of momentum,” McIntyre said. “We’ve been traveling the entire district, and folks are ready to make a strong statement.”

That statement? McIntyre says the people do not want some outside group making decisions at home.

Rouzer says the support from national groups, like those who have spent millions paying for ads in this race, support his run because they know he has what it takes to bring the changes North Carolina needs.

“It just shows the fact that this is a race of great importance at the national level,” Rouzer said. “A lot of people have an interest in it, and they’ve viewed it as a very competitive race.”

McIntyre, who has been serving the 7th District since 1997, says this time around he really has to fight for the win.

“We’ve been the underdog because of the fact that this district was drawn to predetermine the outcome, but the people have come out strong saying, ‘No. We want the people’s voice, not the voice of outside groups influencing this race or the way that redistricting was done,'” Rep. McIntyre said.

Rouzer says McIntyre should not use the district’s new lines as an excuse.

“We’re both playing on the same playing field,” Rouzer said. “The football field is no different for me than it is for him. It’s one of those things that it is what it is. We got out and share our message, and we see how it turns out. I think things are going our way.”

Both candidates agree they will be anxiously awaiting the numbers tonight. They also agree that they are ready for the political ads to stop tomorrow.


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