Park maintenance making waves among Chadbourn leaders


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — Close to a decade ago a Chadbourn Park was built using private money, but it needs public upkeep to stay viable. That has caused some bickering among town leaders.

The Town of Chadbourn has approximately 1,600 residents, many of whom have children that use Our Park. It’s a park that has become a center for a political controversy.

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“For the last decade or at least ten years this town has been $200,000 or more in debt, and I’m working on a solution to try and fix that,” Chadbourn Town Councilman Edwin Roberts said.

Part of Roberts’s plan to cut Chadbourn debt is to cut town spending, but he says town leaders are negating that plan by proposing funding to maintain Our Park.

“We have town employees that can do that,” Roberts said. “We can all grab a rake or hedge trimmers, and we can come out and do this. Why are we going to waste taxpayer money on this? This is not right.”

Chadbourn Mayor Pro Tem Fax Rector agreed that volunteerism is a novel idea, but he defended the town’s plan to maintain the park.

“I wish that was the case. That’s the way things used to be. People just are not showing up,” Rector said. “We tried to have work days at our baseball fields, and they just don’t show up any more. It’s a wonderful concept if it would work, but we just don’t get the people to turn out.”

With only one fulltime worker in the in the town’s Parks and Recreation Department, hiring a landscaping firm may be the only option.

“We have some play in the budget this year, because of some personnel things we’ve cut, so I don’t know that we will be adding to the overall budget,” Rector said.

The landscaping proposal will go in front of the Chadbourn Town Council Tuesday.