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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Nearly a year after being removed from all of the committees he served on due to his tardiness New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger is back. But his first committee meeting as a member of the CFPUA Board didn’t exactly go as planned.

“Since he will be staying for two more years, now is a time for him to say that he can put his money where his mouth is and step up and serve on these committees,” Commissioner Jason Thompson said.

Taking over Thompson’s committee assignments was supposed to be a second chance for Berger, but just hours after getting that chance, Berger was once again a no-show.

“I don’t serve with him regularly,” CFPUA Board member and Wilmington City Councilman Neil Anderson said. “The only time I see him is I’m on the Legion Stadium Commission, and we’ve had two meetings since I’ve been on council, and he hasn’t attended either one of those.”

With just three weeks left in his political term, Thompson quit the boards and committees he served on with a promise from Berger that he would step up and fill the void.

“I wasn’t going to ask the other two commissioners to pick up my five or six committees plus subcommittees, and so I put them on Commissioner Berger and gave him the opportunity he has been asking for for over a year to be on committees again. So we gave him an opportunity to see how well he serves,” Thompson said.

Berger would not agree to an interview, but explained his absence in a text message.

“I just found out about the committee assignments at about 8 last night. I have no agendas, no schedules, and nobody said anything to me about there being a meeting in 12 hours,” Berger wrote. “Frankly, for a CFPUA meeting, after being booted off for a year, much more time is required to prepare than 12 hours. Go make a story up…”

Members of the CFPUA Board say they will give Berger a pass for this meeting, but they say he needs to attend meetings in the future.


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  • Guestwit

    Thompson did the right thing. Better Jason and Brian than the phonies and self dealers Davis and Catlin. Berger’s made mistakes but he isnt a self dealer like some clowns we have elected and he has for the most part kept his word. Whatever his faults most of us see this piling on for what it is–an attempt to go back and let caster and his friends take care of themselves. Any wonder we have so many issues like TItan and Wastec to have to resolve now?

  • Hello?

    Thompson gave Berger these Boards because he is paying for Berger’s vote. Barfield has already said he will support Thompson to fill catlin’s spot….SOOOOO, thompson is merely sucking up to berger for a vote. C’mon, wake-up!

  • jj

    You were elected by the people to serve the county. So, get out there and try to do your best.

  • burgerboy

    Brian Burger is about the only honest man left on the committee, the rest of them are a bunch of crooks who should have been out of there years ago, with that foul-mouthed thug Jason Thompson being the #1 crook who needs to get ran out of the county.

  • Guest 10101

    I find it disturbing that you would prefer a certified nut bag like Berger to ANYONE else. How can a person who doesn’t even attempt to do the right thing be categorized as a “breath of fresh air”?

    Is this is what our civilization has degenerated into? If so, we are all doomed

  • straigh shooter2

    Shame on wway 3- for a pathetic attempt to twist a story. I missed Pravda and the Nazis– but we have you guys now. Why dont you give him a chance–he has been a better rep than the arrogance and self dealing of the likes of Catlin and Caster. Many of us would take him any day of the week to the likes of those guys and Saffo and Anderson.
    You and your ilk simply reveal your blatent bias – most, admittedly even though not all, see through this crap. He missed a meeting he didnt know about– you miss your souls.

  • Guest500

    Why didn’t Thompson wait until the end of his term like a reasonable, mature adult (oh, wait, I may have just answered my own question here…) and resign his boards THEN?! Then the new commissioners who are coming in could have taken over his seats on the boards and served the community in a proper and dignified fashion. Of course, with the way the County Commissioners have acted over the last four years, we may not remember what dignified public servants look like anymore.

    Something about this sounds VERY fishy. Does Thompson want to stay on Berger’s good side for some reason? Is Thompson hoping to get appointed to Catlin’s seat that will be empty in a few weeks (he will need Berger’s vote of support to get it)? It’s either that or Thompson is trying to give Berger enough rope to hang himself at the expense of the citizens and the other members of the boards on which Berger is now an ineffectual member. Either way Thompson is giving a BIG middle finger to the taxpayers of New Hanover County who didn’t vote him back in office.

    Thompson, I would say you should be ashamed of yourself, but I fear that particular sentiment would be lost on someone who seems incapable of feeling shame or remorse for your actions.

  • maria squitieri

    i like brian berger..compared to the crooks u got running wilmington and the council behind him, berger is a breath of fresh air..

  • GuestX

    Here something you might want to know,one of the 5 people accused of killing the 60 yr old delivery driver Zhen BO Liu, was released on bail and has since been arrested for two more armed robbieries in downtown wilmington,this concerns me more than Berger or the beaches traffic problems but I dont see any mention of it here just thought you would like to know.

  • Guest007

    Yes, he might be the biggest mistake I have ever made when I voted to put him in office. BUT, I WOUD STILL TAKE HIM OVER BILLY CASTER AND “CROOKED” JASON THOMPSON ANY DAY!!!!!


    Are you kidding…How in the heck does this guy move around the community without being lambasted by the citizens? How is he allowed to function? What idiots supports this guy?

  • InvolvedVoter

    I wish NHC would stop paying for your cell phone. Perhaps maybe than you could talk to people face to face rather than hiding behind text messages. In fact if I read the general statutes I cannot find where the citizens are required to pay for your phone, computer, office space etc.
    So 12 hours were not enough for you to prepare to attend a meeting? Perhaps if you attended you could get “prepared” more quickly…..but then maybe you were to busy working your day job. Oh…silly me, I forgot a 9 to 5 job is beneath you.

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