Stores getting ready for Black Friday madness


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means Black Friday is right around the corner. With Christmas on everyone’s mind, shoppers are looking for good deals.

    Black Friday, of course, is one of the biggest days for stores all year. So many are getting ready to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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    Every year, customers put down the turkey and flood stores to get a steal on Christmas gifts. And with magic in the air, stores have a few new tricks up their sleeves themselves.

    “IPods are handheld cash registers about the size of a cell phone, and we have them in little bags as we walk around in the store,” JC Penney store leader Ed Koontz said. “You will see some of our folks who actually can ring you up. They will not be able to print you a receipt, but they can actually email you a receipt out in a department instead of waiting in line at a register.”

    Shops are also ordering and stocking those hot items that go quickly.

    “We are major stocking all of mens’ basics, socks and underwear, which typically men get at holiday,” Koontz said.

    Norman Taylor, manager of the Walmart in Monkey Junction, said, “We have TVs all size: 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch. We also have laptops and iPads.”

    But with stores opening up earlier and earlier each year, savings for customers means losing family traditions for workers.

    “When you are in retail, you have a responsibility to take care of the shoppers,” Taylor said.

    Alan Perry of Perry’s Emporium does not think that is an excuse. He says he actually closes early the day before Thanksgiving and has normal hours on Friday. He thinks it’s important for his workers to enjoy the holiday.

    “They really like the idea that they have the time off to be with their families and get their shopping done.” Perry said.

    Whether people are on the consumer or retail side of Black Friday, they agree there are some sales worth gobbling up.

    Some large retailers like Walmart and K-mart are starting their sales Thursday ahead of the traditional Black Friday doorbusters.

    Then there is Small Business Saturday, when mom-and-pop stores hope shoppers will take advantage of their sales and service.