Man bikes cross-country for a cause


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — He’s already run from coast to coast. Now, Chris Nicholas has his sights set on bigger goals.

You might think that after running 3,000 miles in just three months it would be time to take a break. But Nicholas refuses to stop running down a dream.

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His journey has had as many twists and turns as the roads he runs.

“I have 5,000 miles more to do to cover the country and i still have to do it,” said Nicholas.

Earlier this year, Nicholas ran from Washington, D.C. to Santa Barbara, California in just three months, a distance of three thousand miles.

Now he’s at it again, running from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and going all along the coasts, a distance of 6,000 miles.

“I look to be the first person to run across the country twice in one year. I’m doing it all for charity: The Wounded Warrior Pproject, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.”

But here in Wilmington, Nicholas hit a bump in the road he was not expecting.

“I started having some major knee problems. The physician in Wilmington consulted with my physician back home and said if I continued, I’d probably do some major damage.”

Most people would throw in the towel. But not Nicholas.

“Now I’m biking the rest of the way across the country. If I would have stopped, the people would have stopped donating as well to the cause that I was running for and now biking for.”

Nicholas hopes that he will not only inspire people to donate, but also to acheive the goals they think are not possible.

“Once you set your mind to do it, and you are determined to do it no matter what and accomplish it, that you can get there.”

You can track Nicholas’ journey and find out how to donate to the charities he is biking for on his website.