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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Strong winds and high tides typically affect the North Carolina coastline, especially during hurricane season. But the effects on the beach near Fort Caswell have been especially rough this year.

Dunes are natural barriers that protect against strong wind and high tides. The Director of the North Carolina Baptist Assembly is alarmed, though. He says his property is very close to the worst dune erosion he’s seen in a while.

“We have lost two primary dunes, which are very large dunes. They were probably 12 feet tall, and probably a depth of 80 or 90 feet of waterfront or oceanfront sand dune has been lost.”

Holbrook has watched the dunes all year. Though Holbrook says the erosion is not as devastating as the erosion at Bald Head Island, it is still scary. He wants to get people’s attention.

“Our concern is if it goes unnoticed, then in future decisions the erosion we have experienced on this side is not taken into account. We just want to make sure that that is done.”

Holbrook is not an expert, but he says he has seen positive signs that the beach is healing itself.

“Previously when it was continuing to erode, it’s now slope was a flat plane. So at the high tides and wind driven tides, it would come in and do more erosion. Very glad to see this slope rebuild.”

According to Holbrook, a detailed report about the erosion is expected later this month.


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