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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Should a Marine accused of savagely beating a Surf City cab driver be allowed to leave the state? That’s the question an Onslow County judge was faced with at a bond hearing this morning.

Three months after the brutal assault of driver Charles Hawkesworth caught on camera, Marine Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh was back in court today asking a judge to help him seek help.

At a bond hearing Kinosh’s commanding officer testified that alcoholism, PTSD and a brain injury suffered in battle were the cause of his violent outburst in September and that Kinosh had been seeking counseling.

Since the attack Kinosh has been removed from his role as an instructor at Marine Special Operations Command Stone Bay, but his commanding officer testified that he was a model Marine.

A letter from the commander of Marine Special Operations helped sway the judge to allow Kinosh to seek a month-long inpatient therapy at a facility in either Virginia or Texas with some restrictions. The court authorized a 28-day stay at an approved facility if the Marine Corps provides Kinosh an escort to and from the facility and makes weekly visits to ensure Kinosh stays there. He must also report to base authorities on a regular basis about where he is and his progress in therapy.

When Kinosh is done with the program, he must return to Camp Lejeune. If Kinosh leaves the facility cannot complete his treatment, his bond will be revoked and he will be extradited back to the Onslow County Jail.

Neither Kinosh nor Hawkesworth would talk to reporters after court.


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  • Swoop1/4

    every combat veteran knows there is no excuse for this stuff. The Gunny needs to be held to account, at the same time getting whatever kind of help folks that think like him can benefit from, of course that will all be a farce unless he sees himself for what he is and not some “victim” of TBI or PTSD.

    Then roll on Gunny and live your life, after paying the debt you created. Anyone whom says this is not a felonious assualt is so biased it’s laughable.

  • Former Marine

    Every Soldier, Sailor or Marine with a legitimate case of PTSD or TBI (there are very few IMO) gets shate on when a punk like this manipulates the system to excuse his criminal behavior. I had a major conflict induced TBI between the Vietnam and Current wars and yea it stinks having to live with changes in your perception of the world and well as yourself. Yes, I did a couple of stupid things drunk and feeling sorry for myself early on. What I did not do was make excuses for anything stupid or borderline criminal while I was adjusting to living with this injury. Never, not once and no responsible adult veteran that I have interacted with since then did either. What a POS this supposed NCO is. Then try to blame this guy and put him in a jam, that’s criminal planning and intention,not a side effect of TBI.

    Rot in hell Gunny.

  • ThatGuy

    Oddly enough, I have PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and a drinking problem. I still manage to avoid hitting people who don’t start stuff with me. One of the worst things that ever happened to Veterans was the advent of using PTSD as an excuse for poor judgement. Unfortunately, this Marine’s actions will now reflect on me.

    Truly sad.

  • Military Person

    Item one. Kinosh should be stripped of his medals. His past “honorable” service has been erased by this event which shows him to be the same kind of person he was supposed to be protecting the US from.

    Item two. There are in fact many, many specialists in that field in NC at Wake Forest, UNC, and Duke to name three off the bat. He tried to accuse the cab driver of assaulting him and pin the incident on the innocent driver; Kinosh is a fundamentally dishonest person, in addition to being a fundamentally bad one. This out-of-state attempt is just another scheme to avoid repercussions for his actions.

    Item three. Close; it was not just wrong, it was despicable. Here’s hoping the judge hands him the harshest sentence possible.

    He should be dishonorable discharged and have his gym privileges revoked while in therapy and in prison.

  • GregPB

    What is the current status of this case. Is the P.O.S. ever going to go on trial?

  • PerfectScapegoat

    Is this bastard gonna walk after a slap on the wrist and some psychobabble sessions?

  • PublicAvenger

    This bully not only gets a ‘Slap On The Wrist’. He will also benefit from his criminal behavior.”Disabled”, my foot! He’s probably grinning all the way to the bank.

  • MO

    COWARD! There are hundreds of thousands of vets with PTSD and many of them drink. No excuse for this cowardly act. Make him responsible for his behavior both by the military and the state. NO EXCUSES! Won’t bother saying what I personally would do to him. Pathetic excuse from a COWARD who can’t man up. One day you will get a fair fight and the following day you will meet your maker COWARD!!!!

  • Marine

    I am a Marine who has served for near 20 years with two years spent deployed in combat zones. I just want that out there before the trolls start firing.
    Item one. Someone has posted that Kinosh should be stripped of his medals. I don’t agree. The medals he has are from past honorable service and have nothing to do with the crime he committed.
    Item two. Based on the information in the article, the treatment he was seeking was not for PTSD only, but for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Not a lot of specialists in that field in the area.
    Item three. The assault on the cab driver. He was wrong, intoxicated, and should be tried by the state of North Carolina for felony assault and judged by a jury of his civilian peers. He should then serve whatever sentence the state of North Carolina hands down.

    I do not believe he should then be stripped of his military benefits, that are based upon his past service, because then he wouldn’t get the treatment for PTSD and/or TBI from the VA. I would agree that if he doesn’t meet the retirement criteria set forth in the rules and regulations governing the Naval Services, he should not be allowed to retire. Finally, I restate that I do believe he should be held accountable for his actions the night he allegedly committed felony assault.

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