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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While the Congress last night passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff for a couple more months, it did not get support from eastern North Carolina’s representatives in the US House.

Democrat Mike McIntyre and Republican Walter Jones both voted against the proposal late last night.

“Last night’s action was patchwork, and that’s why I did not support the way it was done,” Rep. McIntyre (D-7th District) told WWAY by phone this morning.

He says there needs to be more discussion and negotiations, and with the new Congress being sworn in tomorrow, future talks won’t be too far behind.

“I am looking forward to a more comprehensive solution being brought forth and together in a bipartisan fashion to stop all this excess government spending and to get our national debt under control,” McIntyre said. “I’m hoping that will occur in the next 60 to 90 days.”

But in the meantime, McIntyre said he does not support the Senate’s plan his House colleagues adopted.

“It will add almost $4 trillion to the nation’s debt,” McIntyre said. “It delays spending cuts and does not provide for the comprehensive tax reform that can help our small businesses create job.”

Rep. Jones’s office has not returned our call for comment on his no vote.

The bill passed last night does not include extending a Social Security payroll tax cut past the end of last year. That means workers will now pay two percent more in social security taxes.

North Carolina’s senators, Richard Burr, a Republican, and Democrat Kay Hagan both voted for the fiscal cliff deal.


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  • Guest6213

    Seriously? McIntyre, there was a time to do it the right way but you and your Republican friends missed that boat months ago so don’t go complaining about the predicament you put yourself in.

  • reno

    You got this one right mike.

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