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In the past few months you may have come across money and just ignored it… on the ground, in a drawer, in the glove box of your car. 
Instead of weighing down your pants pocket, what if you gave it to charity?  
Even if you're on a budget and have few spare dollars, your change jar could change lives.
You know of good causes, but thought you couldn't afford to contribute.
Maybe now you can.
Here are a few easy ways to find money to give:
*Charity thrift shops…. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and others can use clothing, house wares, books and even furniture. However, keep in mind that these places don't want your junk to become their junk…the stuff needs to be in decent shape and working order.  Donating something of value is always better than throwing it away. Better for the person who wants it, and better for the environment.
*Clothing drives…. Got a new coat, an unused hat, an extra scarf?  There are collection boxes waiting somewhere, especially during the Holidays.
*Use coupons for good…. Use coupons, store rebates, and sales to pay nothing or next to nothing for toiletries, cleaning products, and food items and donate them to a shelter or food pantry.
Charitable giving isn't a matter of having vast resources, it's using the resources you have to make the lives of others a little better. 

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