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CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — Families began the clean-up after strong thunderstorms caused some serious damage last night in Columbus County, as experts tried to figure out what exactly happened.

Severe thunderstorm warnings sounded off last night ahead of a strong line of storms. The storms rolled through Columbus County with winds as high as 75 mph near Chadourn.

The storms damaged homes, knocked down trees and power lines and carried debris far from it came from.

The National Weather Service sent a team out to assess the damage this morning. They said the damage was not the result of a tornado, but something else.

“We found evidence of a microburst, which is a big bowling ball of wind and rain, basically, that descends from the thunderstorm, and when that hits the ground, it fans out and can cause considerable damage like we saw in the Chadbourn area,” NWS Warning Coordinator Meteorologist Steven Pfaff said.

The microburst had two areas of strong winds that are to blame for damaging homes near Chadbourn. Even though there was moderate property damage, no one was hurt.


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