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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Groups opposed to likely legislation at the General Assembly this year requiring North Carolina citizens to show identification before voting in person already are rolling out a plan to fight it.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina and others scheduled a Legislative Building news conference Wednesday to unveil organizing efforts against voter ID proposals.

Republican legislative leaders say a bill requiring government-issued photo identification will be considered. GOP lawmakers in 2011 passed an ID bill vetoed by Democratic Gov. Beve Perdue. New Republican Gov. Pat McCrory supports photo ID to vote.

The groups say their mobilization efforts will include a public service announcement and web site. They’ll also lay out their case against photo ID at Wednesday’s news conference.

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  • truthseeker

    Only minorities and democrats are aganist voter ID because that is the only way dems get elected. Lets face it. Minorities are more likely to not have a legal ID because one, they have never tried to get one, or two they are illegal. My Aunt works at a voting booth and some black lady stated this was her 125th vote because there is not one thing they could do about it. Just state the name of a friend you know who is not voting and vote. We need politicians elected by the true majority, not people who for some reason cannot get a ID. That goes for using food stamps, people need to show a ID matching they are the recepient of the free bes!

  • Richardfr

    For anyone opposed to voter ID.

    How would you feel if someone posed as you and voted in your name?

    By requiring Photo ID, your rights as a voter are protected.

  • B M

    If a person is not responsible enough to have a proper ID then how in the heck are they gonna be coherent enough to make a reasonable choice on a voting machine? This country has gotten so left wing it’s gonna be hard to right itself.

  • Guest2234

    This is just ridiculous. What kind of contributing citizen today doesn’t have an id? Very few, mostly elderly. Well, why don’t these groups get these citizens that don’t have id’s and help them get one and spend their time and money protecting the American right to honest and fair elections.

  • Guest28451

    I support photo ID for voting.
    I can’t see any reason not to support it.
    What does the NAACP have to do with voting anyway?

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