Affordable home also safer, energy efficient


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Construction workers are building a brighter, safer future for a family in Brunswick County.

“It is definitely hard to process,” Sonya Gardner said. “I am ecstatic. The walls are up in one day, and who would have figured that? But I am very happy.”

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Gardner and her son are having a hard time believing their current house will soon be a part of the past.

Brunswick Housing Opportunities and 22 Century Builders laid out the plans and the framework to Gardner’s new home Friday. It will take more than a huff and a puff to blow these concrete walls down.

“The roof system here will resist 200 mph winds. The walls will be 250 mph. The windows will be 171 mph. And all of those facets are guaranteed for life,” 22 Century Builders President Mark Ekster said.

The 1,653-square-foot home is a dream come true for Gardner.

“The security is unbelievable,” she said. “Knowing that the hurricanes can breeze through here at any time and I’m safe, my family is safe is very important.”

Starting at $99,000 Gardner’s new home is built to be cost effective. She was spending hundreds of dollars a month in energy bills. In her new home, solar panels and effective construction will run her energy bills close to nothing.

“Not only is it a safe home, but it is affordable for her, and I’m told the energy bill here is going to be zero,” USDA Rural Development State Director Randy Gore said.

22 Century’s vision is to help people live in a home where weather is not a concern and where living is affordable. In about 65 working days, it will make that possible for Gardner and her son.

The concrete wall construction design reportedly reduces energy costs by up to 67 percent.