EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Grief counselor turns words of comfort into poetic prose


OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — She’s a grief counselor turned author. Katherine Roberts Moore of Ocean Isle Beach turned her words of healing into poetic prose.

In the world of words, Katherine finds herself right at home. Influenced by her mother’s love for vocabulary, ideas and imagination run wildly through Katherine’s head and flow straight to her pen. It lights a fire in her soul.

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“One of my poems is the blue bird show where there was this explosion of blue birds in my backyard and it was really amazing,” Katherine said.

But the verses she scribbles didn’t start from the happiest of places. It was during Katherine’s time as a grief counselor that she felt compelled to write. The flood of emotions she helped people work through, from doubt to anger to deep sorrow is what connected each letter. Her writings then were rich with words of comfort for those who had lost their dearest ones. “I found that I could personalize with names and feelings and experiences and share them with the individual and it became a very healing thing.”

Now retired, Katherine found that she too needed an outlet for her own emotions so she began journaling, which started to take on a poetic form. “I discovered this wonder of being able to take a thought or a sense or capture something, a feeling, an emotion or even a scene out of the window and in poetic form, i could put in a few words.”

Katherine has written her way to becoming a published author having three books behind her belt. The latest of her creations is called “Holy Scribbling: Looking at Life Through a Sacred Window.”

Katherine says solitude is her best friend when thinking up her next creation. Nature, life experiences and even simple things, like coffee, inspire her.

And so her pen flows, what she’ll write next…nobody knows.

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