Children discuss school safety


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Through a smile, fourth grade student Nick Lafave said, “In math we learn about hard division and in science we do projects a lot.” The Roger Bacon Academy student was describing what he likes about being in school. Second grade student Kylea said “Math is my second favorite thing.”

When asked what first comes to their minds about school, they quickly described those classes and more elements of being in a classroom with their teachers. It’s clear students are still comfortable despite the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy and recent kidnapping and release of a 5-year-old Alabama boy.

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“We know nothing could happen because there’s a lot of police officers that go around in school,” Kylea said to Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs. She said she’s not scared to go to school.

The Roger Bacon Academy campus is made up of several modular units, so kids spend a lot of time outside. But in an emergency they know what to do, “We’ve been practicing a lockdown drill where we go inside the closets so nothing will happen,” Kylea proudly said.

A fourth grade student echoed her, “I feel safe because we have lockdowns and fire drills,” Genya said.

But they do notice changes since the shootings at Sandy Hook and they do know the details. Nick said he knows everything because his parents watch the news nightly, “It was very scary.”

The older students know even more. An eighth grade student said, “It’s not just any school like a middle school or something. It was an elementary school and supposedly a very safe one in a very safe town,” Elizabeth said as she discussed the Sandy Hook tragedy.

With her eighth-grade wisdom she offered advice to younger students if they’re every scared, “Especially at this school, I feel comfortable talking to anyone. If they know the students at their school don’t feel safe, they will do something about it.”

Overall, the students like having deputies in their schools, saying some of them interact with students while others just keep to themselves. And little Genya said she even wants to be a police officer when she grows up.