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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Due to the decrease in the level of influenza in the community, New Hanover Regional Medical Center is removing the visiting restrictions placed on children under the ages 12 and under. This change is effective immediately.

Although flu levels are declining, it is important for the community to stay vigilant against the spread of the disease in order to prevent a re-occurrence. New Hanover Regional Medical Center encourages everyone to do three things to help stop the spread of the flu:

-If you have not yet received your seasonal flu vaccine, contact your doctor to make an appointment. Vaccines are readily available in our community and are critical to preventing another outbreak.
-If you have flu-like symptoms, do not visit the hospital. It is always a good idea to stay home if you are sick and avoid public places if possible.
-Consider carrying an immunization card with you proving that you have received your seasonal flu vaccine. In the event of another outbreak, you may be required to show proof of vaccination before visiting NHRMC facilities.


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