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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From hosting one of ABC’s most popular shows to surviving a cancer scare, Brooke Burke-Charvet knows what it means to have a "full plate" and dodge curve balls on a daily basis.

The busy mother of four said, "Balance is a big wish for me, I think I just manage it all."

Did we mention she also runs her own website and just release a new workout DVD set? The secret to managing that full plate is abandoning the word balance and adopting the idea of managing everything. This simple shift in thinking may be the key to making "mommy guilt" a thing of the past.

"Guilt is certainly a choice. It used to be that I was last on the totem pole and I put myself very last on the list even behind my husband, but now I feel really good in the fact that I’m as important as anyone in the family, we all matter," Burke-Charvet said.

Today’s modern moms are coming together in an online website. Burke-Charvet’s website provides a place for parents to fess up to mommy blunders and seek advice. And one word pops up everywhere in articles…me.

"I carve out that hour of me time. Fitness is important for me; I make my husband important to me. It’s a juggle but we seem to be getting it all done," Burke-Charvet laughed.

And she thanks God she is now cancer free. After a successful surgery, doctors removed all traces of thyroid cancer. She said the medical scare hasn’t really changed her as a person, "You know a lot of people have asked me that and how its changed my life and I’ve never been one to not live my life to the fullest. We’re such a close family so I don’t think the cancer scare brought us closer, but it certainly does shake you."

But certainly didn’t stop her. With her new "30 Day Slimdown" DVD out and a new season of DWTS right around the corner, she’s ready to let the balancing…scratch that…managing act…begin.

"I book my workouts; I book my alone time, just like I book appointments for the kids just like I book date night for my husband. And I think that’s all so important. It’s so easy to lose yourself as a mother. It’s so easy to just take care of everybody else. I think it’s really important for women, for anyone, to really to do that for themselves as well," the DWTS co-host explained.

The new DWTS cast will be revealed on GMA March 16, 2013. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Burke-Charvet’s website. And you can always keep up with GMC anchor Ashley Jacobs and area moms on Ashley’s facebook page.


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