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JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — A Marine from Camp Lejeune has been charged with murder in the death of his 2-month-old son.

Twenty-seven-year-old Sgt. Jordan Thomas King had been in jail on a count of child abuse after he brought his son to the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune last Friday.

Authorities said Deklin John King had a fractured skull and bruising on his head.

The infant was taken off life support Wednesday and the abuse charge was upgraded to a murder count. Thomas King appears for a bond hearing Thursday.

He is a five-year veteran of the Marine Corps and is an electrical systems technician.

Attorney Wally Paramore is temporarily representing King and says his client is distraught over his son’s death.

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  • Jerlee

    So, its easier for you blame the wives when the fact is Marine Corps is putting their brain damaged marines back home without letting their wives know about their mental disabilities, or their not diagnosing their men properly. How can you blame the women, when as wives, they have no access to their own husbands mental health records? Didnt your Marine Corps break this men for its own purpose. Because the truth is they want angry men in the Corps. The truth is Marine Corps do their best to hide mental disabilities in the Corps without thinking about the families safety. Your Marine Corps is a joke!

  • Guest12345

    A lot of us know King. And this isn’t the first time a child has been abused in that house hold. I personally didn’t know any of the children had been abused till after the fact, but those few who did should be held accountable also. When the wife herself has been abused by the husband why in the world would you leave your babies alone with him? He didn’t have PTSD, but he did have anger problems. He should be sentenced to death ( an yes it hurts to admit that but facts are facts no matter how well that person treated you). It’s not a Marine thing or even a military thing, children from all over a being killed and frankly if they would USE the death sentence for this maybe just maybe people would get help on their tempers instead of taking it out on those innocent that can’t fight back. If someone doesn’t want a child , give that baby to a family who will love the baby don’t take it’s life.

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