Cape Fear pens make it to the Oscars


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — While Academy Award nominees are hoping to lift up a gold statue Sunday, they are holding onto a piece of the Cape Fear in the meantime.

Old Growth Riverwood uses submerged, forgotten logs found at the bottom of the Cape Fear River for building. The dense “sinkers” were lost in the 1900s when a large number of trees were cut and moved down the river. Instead of cutting down living trees, Old Growth Riverwood decided to harvest these lost logs for its projects.

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The river preserves the logs elegantly. This high-quality wood and environmentally-friendly business not only attracts many customers, but caught the attention of Secret Room Events, a marketing firm that arranges gift bags worth thousands of dollars for Academy Award nominees. The owner’s wife, Terrie Metz, thought her father’s pens would be the perfect piece of the Cape Fear for the red carpet.

Doug Martin started making pens just to get out of his wife’s hair, as he put it. He is a retired machinist and needed something to keep him busy. Martin had no idea his pens would be such a hit, but he says he is just happy to help the family.