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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man involved in a fatal crash in Wilmington Sunday night on Carolina Beach Road that killed a man on a motorcycle is charged with DWI.

The accident happened just before 8 p.m. Sunday near the Pirate’s Table Seafood Restaurant.

Wilmington Police say Augusto Rosales-Valera is charged with DWI and driving with a revoked license after his truck crashed into a Harley, killing the driver.

The man on the motorcycle, Paul Raymond Crutchfield, died at the scene.

Police seized Rosales-Valera’s truck, since he’d been driving with a suspended license.

Police also say Crutchfield, the man killed, was speeding before the accident.

Wilmington Police Department’s Traffic Unit will reconstruct the crash to determine if any other factors may have contributed to the crash.


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  • TheRemembranceProject

    The Remembrance Project.org will memorialize Mr. Paul R. Crutchfield on The Stolen Lives Quilt.

  • jamie

    I really didnt want to get into this, i want the truth out on the officer who was following mr. crutchhfield is a LIE!! me and my mother was leaving walmart on carolina beach rd heading back to the value place on carolina beach rd. i saw that someone had wrecked me being in the medical field i stopped. we pulled into where the gymnastic building is. i got out and ran across the road to the turning lane where mr. crutchfield was,i felt for a pluse. the man who worked at the seafood restaurant was on the phone with 911 before i even got out of my car, not sure how long he had been talking them but i took his phone and talked to the 911 operator for at least 3 mins my self telling her that the man who was driving the motorcycle did not have a pluse so anyway. all that was at least 10 min long.. so if the officer was following him dont you think he would have been there faster than like 10 mins??? i dont even think he was going to be pulled over at all for doing WHAT the officer said 80 to 85 in a 45??. so maybe if the officer was doing his job (pulling people over who are speeding) that poor man would be alive with a speeding ticket.. sorry just saying!!

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