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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A teacher at Snipes Academy of Arts & Design was arrested for DWI and speeding Sunday according to police reports. Records show Wilmington Police arrested Olivia Grace Williams, 30, around 2 a.m. Sunday at 1180 Market Street.

Williams is a dance teacher at Snipes according to her page on the school’s website.

A New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman confirmed Williams works for the district, but would not comment beyond that.

Parents we spoke with today at Snipes did not want to go on camera. Some said they were concerned that a teacher was arrested, and they didn’t feel comfortable having someone who’d been arrested teaching their kids. Others said they understand people make mistakes and want to see how the process plays out.

We tried to speak with Williams today, but we were unable to reach her for comment.


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  • parent

    Well me and “baby daddy” dont drink then drive. I can tell you that right now. Actually we dont drink.. at all.
    I never said she was a bad teacher or anything. But she is suppose to be a leader. Having a couple drinks is ok, as she is over 21. But if she’s going to drink then she should not drive. point blank.

  • Citizen of the Republic


  • Dave

    “Any parents on here ever had 3-4 drinks and driven? Perhaps even with your kids in the car? Thought so..”

    Are you kidding me!!??? You would have 3 or 4 drinks and then drive with your kids in the car!!??? Wow…explains a lot about you being related to Olivia.

    As a parent, I model healthy and integrity based behaviors to my son. Any parent who would even have one drink and then drive with their kids in the car is in my book a poor parent. Do understand why this is dangerous? Where you raised under a rock? Did make it through secondary school? My god, for you to say something like that is just horrible and uneducated.

  • pissed off at your station

    You better hope I never see anyone from WWAY drinking.. and then getting behind the wheel. I will be calling the police! Epecially the nerd that did the story.

  • Guest1011

    Actually, if you will do some research, the school she works at is a magnet school….of “arts and design”. Obviously, dance is part of the arts. And obviously, you aren’t up on your education research, because music and art classes are great for helping kids hone in on their reading and writing, and math skills.

  • Guestfootball

    You could really say the same for sports. Why are we paying money for kids to play sports rather than teaching kids?

  • What surprised me the most about this story is where it says she is a dance teacher. Since when can you take dance classes in public school? I never heard of this. There are so many dance studios around town that aren’t all that expensive, why is my tax dollar paying for dance class rather than teaching kids how to read and write?

  • Disgusted by WWAY

    If she doesn’t owe her students an explanation and it is none of their business, then I don’t think she owes WWAY and their viewers an explanation either. It is none of ANYONE’s business but hers. She is being discriminated against because she is a teacher, CLEAR and SIMPLE. If I were her, I would sue the pants off of WWAY because if they are going to focus on her DUI alone it looks like she is being targeted. WWAY should be ashamed and I will no longer be watching this news channel because of this callous and downright disgusting display of sensationalising news reports. Shame on you WWAY and and shame on you silly busy bodies.

  • sing1

    Please do not crucify this young woman. She did a stupid thing, she erred in judgment getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. She will pay the many court ordered penalties and justice will be served. DWI offenses are treated differently than any other crime. You stand a better chance of getting off of a murder rap after being found with the smoking gun in your hand than you do getting off of a DWI charge.

    I do absolutely believe that DWI offenders need to pay consequences hopefully to deter them from becoming repeat offenders. We all know that never happens right? Wrong, some people are going to drink and drive no matter who or how many people could be hurt from their actions. Repeat offenders do not deserve mercy……..but please people, again, let’s not crucify and possibly ruin this young woman’s life. She is a human that made a mistake. This does not belong on the news. Let the courts decide her penalties and levy justice.

  • Guest2020

    About nine or ten years ago a teacher and janitor from Bellamy Elementary were stopped for expired tags and there were drugs in the car. They were on their personal time so is that their business also? I mean, after all, just because they were in possession of drugs that doesn’t mean they used the drugs.

  • guest 134

    does that mean you think that the cop for the UNCW campus should have been fired instead of giving a raise??????????

  • Vog46

    I suppose having this pop up is FAR BETTER than what pops up when looking for former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King on the internet eh?


  • GuestVader

    Who cares about her circumstances? If she blew .08 or higher, she should be convicted. She made the choice to drink and drive. She could have called a cab if in doubt. As for her students, I don’t see where she owes them any sort of explanation. It is none of their business. I am sure some of the students’ parents have been caught for DWI.

  • Guest 1492

    If you’re dumb enough to think that’s funny; you probably have less, rather than more smarts yourself.

    Seems to be consistent with so many of your other truely tastless posts.

  • Guest 10101

    If you’re posting this to be funny …. You’re a horse’s behind.

    If you’re posting this because you really feel that way … quadruple that.

    Prepubescent thoughts should remain in junior high school, not here.

    Anyone who posts crap like this obviously has no respect for women or themselves.

  • Guest437708

    Amen. Alot of people commenting under this are saying things about “letting her off” “or letting her get away with a DUI”. Those people aren’t just assholes, they are idoits. 1. This is not about her being convicted of the crime, she will go to court just LIKE everyone else. She will be treated the same in court, and if not worse because of the coverage of this story. She will have to face what the judge decides, JUST LIKE anyone you have known. 2. THIS IS ABOUT KEEPING HER JOB….. Someone who has been an excellent teacher for the past 6 years. Who had taken the time to bond with these kids, give them and art to love. Who are any of
    You to point the finger at her and tell her to lose her job? We all know someone who was affected by drunk driving. She left somewhere where she had a 3 drinks hours before and WAS CAUGHT SPEEDING. Not swerving, not acting irrationally. SPEEDING. How many speeding tickets are given each day? It just so happened to be there was alcohol still in her system, and because of the time of night the officer decided to ask… And she MADE A DECISION NOT to lie.

    With that being said, I’m a close friend of hers that speaks the truth. She is not a drunk, she works 3 jobs (2 outside of teaching where she also works with kids) because of some down time that she wanted to have on her time off, and made a decision to have a few drinks and then hours later drove home a got pulled for speeding we are going to treat her like this? Where is humanity?

  • TeamOlivia

    Yes, this has been completely blown out of proportion. Did you know that 2-3 NHCS employees are in trouble each month and yet we focus on her? Why? I, for a fact know she blew a very low number and was not drunk. Because of this huge news story her students at school now know and as if it wasn’t embarrasing enough, she now has to explain to them what happened. This could have been dealt with between her and her employer just like anyother DUI that took place this weekend but now she must explain her arrest to children who do not understand. We should all, including the media, take a step back from life and annalyze ourselves before we make judgements on others. None of us know fully her story, her life, her circumstances or her consequences. Who are we to throw stones? Would you not want your child in her class if you never knew she had been arrested? Did you know that NHCS hires people who have had DUI’s? What’s the difference?

  • ChefnSurf

    All kinds of people have made this mistake. While I totally agree with punishment through the courts, I think it’s totally obscene that WWAY, (and now some of you posters) have singled her out from all of the others. Now, in addition to a court record, this will be one of the first things to pop up on an internet search for the rest of her life. They don’t do that with most people so why single her out?

    What do some of you want her to do; wear a “scarlet letter’? Shame on you!

  • Ted

    I’m related to Olivia and she isn’t an out of control drinker by any standard. She is small in stature and to accomplish the BAC she was accused of having would only take about 3-4 drinks. Any parents on here ever had 3-4 drinks and driven? Perhaps even with your kids in the car? Thought so… New Hanover County has led the state in DWI arrests for 7 years!!!! How is this possible??? Is there booze in the water??? Is it the largest county with a huge city like Charlotte within county lines??? No, its a system set up to prey on tourists and college kids. There is no telling how much revenue the county gets from such an undertaking…Its pathetic. The bottom line…Even though she is severely underpaid and deals with some of the most difficult low income students in the county, she loves her job and does it well. Ask your kids how they feel about her. That’s what matters. I urge all the parents that read this to call the school and demand that no disciplinary action be taken. Get a grip people, half of congress has been charged with various crimes and we let them run the county…

  • Vog46

    Hear Hear……


  • Guesttenheimer

    I seriously doubt you or Baby deddie have a “spotless” record! The point is that this was a personal decision on the teachers behalf, of which she will need to pay the piper. As I said, this was a “personal” decision and has absolutely nothing to do with her performance as a teacher. You can easily find 10 to 15 DWI charges any given day in NHC with the majority of them being much more severe than what she did.

    Why in the world WWAY went to the trouble to point this young woman out and identify her as a teacher in an exclamatory manner is beyond me. I see no purpose other than humiliation and an attempt to dengerate her reputation as a public school instructor. I see no purpose with the parents reaction other than to simply “react”.

    If I were you, I’d be a little more appreciative to have this young lady instruct your son in the art of dance. He just may be afforded the opportunity of success instead of evolving as a mental midget with a short-sighted mentality. Leave her personal life out of it. It doesn’t affect you, your son or her ability to teach an artful subject to the needy young minds we produce!

  • GuestVader

    As for the comments about her being hot (she is) and she should be allowed to go free because of this, some of you Bozos don’t seem to know when we are jerking your chain. Sure, if she was driving and drinking, she should face the music like anyone else. My comment was only to get a reaction from those who have absolutely no sense of humor and less smarts.

  • Parent

    Actually, I was one of the parents interviewed. We were waiting for our child to get out of school. The reporter just walked up to our cars, without a camera. We weren’t even asked to be on camera. So how about you chill out.
    My son is in kindergarten and she’s his dance teacher. Sure I don’t approve what she did, because she is suppose to be a leader. And different parents have different opinions. We all have to just see how things play out.

  • deputy25


  • deputy 25

    easiest CRIME NOT to commit!!

  • Guest9743

    First of all the police report didn’t say if she blew .o8 or .15, secondly, driving while impaired is not an error it is someone using poor judgment and someone who has not regard for other people that they may maim or kill while driving while impaired.

  • Guest2929

    I think everyone is missing the most important part of the story. That teacher is HOT!!

  • Guest857

    Some sick stuff posted here but no doubt enlightening. Visually to some, she’s “hot”, therefore giving her less accountability than most others. Get your head out of the sand stupid people and look at reality. She is no different than any other DWI offender. Treatment and keep your job MS. Williams, otherwise, I don’t want you teaching my kid. To add to the sickness, this is how some choose their elected representative…by their looks, or worse yet, our spouse. Dam we’re dumb!

  • Downtown Dave

    Are we really going after a Snipes teacher for a speeding ticket and a DWI? She made a bad choice and we all have done that in our lives. If this was a second offense I could see this being a story. She (arguably) teaches at the hardest school to be at in all of New Hanover County. If she can teach those poor, underprivileged kids to dance their way out of poverty we would be idiots to take her out of that school! Was it a slow news day or what???

  • Vog46

    I keep going back and forth on this one.
    She was “off duty”. No students were exposed to anything.
    This falls into a hazy realm of “example setting” as the MAIN reason for the criticism.
    Is it fair? She IS paid with taxpayer money but she doesn’t enforce anything. She doesn’t punish anyone for breaking the law.
    This looks like a personal failure – be it a temporary lapse of judgement or a continuing problem of drinking – I just don’t know.
    Is the real problem that she got caught? Would she be a better person if she stayed home polishing off bottle after bottle?
    Or is it the fact that she’s a teacher and therefore it becomes titillating news to many of us? Is it that she’s an attractive women?
    Would we give the janitor the same 15 minutes of “fame” should he get caught drunk driving?
    How about the DOT worker – he’s paid with our tax dollars – is he not allowed to drink?

    I’m not sure this is a news story……


  • Me

    I think you all need to mind your own business and stay out of someone’s personal life that you know nothing about. If you are so concerned about your child’s well being then get off the Internet and spend some time with your children …… NOBODY is perfect NOBODY

  • Public Record

    My oh my.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Since anyone driving around drunk should be locked up for a few months, then indeed you should lose your job.

  • Grand Ole Party

    It doesn’t matter how much she weighed, either she was intoxicated and driving or not. Enough with the excuses.

  • Guesttenheimer

    And they “don’t feel comfortable having someone who’d been arrested teaching their kids.”? I wouldn’t go on camera either after making a statement that stupid! Then the public will probably recognize THEIR mug-shots on the Star-News!

    What a bunch of mamby-pamby whiney butts! The real truth is that the TEACHERS don’t feel comfortable teaching kids who have been arrested OR their parents who have been arrested!

  • B M

    So up until this very moment this girl was an excellent tacher and everyone looked up to her, then she makes a mistake and you bible thumpers are willing to give her 30 years hard labor?? I don’t condone drunk driving myself but we don’t know the toxocoly results either do we? The biggest forest here is the states and feds promote alcohol but condemn you for using it, it’s time for them to get out of the alcohol business.

  • gatorsdude

    How can we expect people to smarten up when it is the government that controls and sells this killer drug, alcohol. And the people who are in control of it, called the ABC board are making large amounts of money and getting huge pensions. No, something is wrong here. It’s the same with the lottery. The government has no business promoting gambling. It’s not lost on me that the poorest counties lead in the selling of the scratch off tickets and lottery tickets. Someone said that the owner of Katt’s Taxi who was killed was “no saint”. That may or may not be, but he should not have lost his life because the government sells people a killer drug and allows them to drive off with it!

  • Stephanie

    I just want everyone to know how upset this makes me.. She was on her personal time and what she does in her personal life is her business and whoever stuck there nose in her personal life needs to worry about theres.. Maybe we should put the person that turned her in picture all over the news and then lets look at there backgroud and see what kind of person they really are… Most people go out and have drinks but doesnt make them a DRUNK. I do not believe in drinking and driving because it can harm so many but just because someone gets a DUI does not mean they are a DRUNK.. May i say one more time MIND UR OWN BUSINESS….

  • Don Ward

    I was surprised by the extreme negativity of the coverage of this, like this woman is already guilty and ought to be in prison. Are we talking about a professional drunk driver, or are we talking about someone who had two drinks three hours before but weighs 110 pounds and made an error, something real humans do? It’s too soon to be so mean and judgmental, folks.

  • Thereisnonews

    WWAY is reporting on this one woman when there were probably close to a dozen or so DUIs this weekend as well. Who cares if she was a teacher?!?! You know how many people out there drinking and driving who are not teachers?

    By the way, I knew your boss and he was no saint either. Believe me.

  • jj

    Are you saying anyone who gets a DUI should lose their job? If so them there would be a lot more people out of work. This had nothing to do with her teaching.

  • Hubba Bubba

    You still have the right to remain sexy suga.

  • Tracie C

    I find it hard to believe there would be ANYONE idiotic enough to try to defend this act of terrible stupidity and selfishness. I don’t give a damn if she’s a teacher, principal, the president or the pope….NO ONE, let me repeat, NO ONE should be foolish enough in this day and age to think it’s okay to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.
    For the record: my name is Tracie Crisante…I am the manager of Katt’s Taxi in Wilmington. In 2009 my boss was killed on Eastwood Rd. by a driver who wasn’t INTELLIGENT enough to say “no” to drinking and driving. The drunk also died. After which we all got to live through losing someone we loved and respected.
    She didn’t think? She didn’t care? Well, then, I don’t care if it hurts her tiny feelbads to see me call it what it is: SELFISHNESS AND STUPIDITY pure and simple.
    It’s my opinion ANYONE busted for drunk driving should face public ridicule and backlash. Maybe then people would SMARTEN UP.

  • team olivia

    We are all human. No one knows the story on what happened. It’s sad that someone makes a mistake and then it’s put publicly on websites and online. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TEACHERS/ ADMINS have at some point in time in their life had a alcoholic beverage.. even just one, and gotten in the car? It doesn’t make you even better of a person to get on this website and comment about how you think what has happened to her is wrong. Like you haven’t ever made mistakes before. People are teachers for a reason, BECAUSE THEY LOVE KIDS. Because of one incident that we know nothing about… including her level of alcohol content, doesn’t make her less of a teacher or take away her love of teaching kids. If she is 30 years old, and this is the first incident that has ever happened, even through her college years and her 20’s… doesn’t that prove more of bad judgement and not WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHE IS??

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