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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new veterans clinic next to Wilmington International Airport opened its doors to a few veterans today.

Other VA facilities offer just primary care and mental health services. The Wilmington Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic, also known as the superclinic, will offer more services ranging from dental and eyecare to prosthetics and diagnostics.

Administrator Fred Roche says southeastern North Carolina is one of the fastest growing areas for veterans. He says it is important to make veterans health care convenient.

“It is almost more of a one-stop-shop,” Roche said. “If they need an X-ray and labs done, they can come here and get it done, whereas at our existing location, we had to make another appointment for them to go up to Fayetteville, or we would purchase that care out in the communities.”

Roche says the clinic is about the says of a Super Walmart, at 100,000 square feet. More than 200 people will work at the clinic. Roche expects to see between 15,000 and 18,000 patients a year.

The clinic’s grand opening will be in April.


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  • John D

    After finally getting approved to be seen here a month ago I was given an appt for the middle of August this is not efficient or adequate health care for veterans.

  • Billp

    I have been very pleased with the VA Center near ILM airport. No problems. Sometimes going to the VA Cener or any other medical center/facility is what you make it. Concerning the ID card, go to the VA Center and look them eye to eye. I have found that facing someone gets better results than telephoning. I had no trouble getting an ID card at the Fayetteville facility years ago. My treatment at the VA has been great.

  • Bud

    Here it is Feb 20, 2014, and except for the lab, there is NOTHING at the New Wilmington VA Clinic different than before. WWAY 3 needs to take a tour through it. Pharmacy – EMPTY shelves and No Pharmacist, Eye Ear & Throat – Empty and NO doctors, NO X-RAY, NO EMERGENCY ROOM, Nothing that was told was going to be added is actually functional. All we got was a larger area for a waiting room. NO NEW DOCTORS or anything!

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