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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A longtime part of the Wilmington radio scene is off the airwaves. Craig Thomas is no longer part of the staff at Sunny 104.5.

Thomas told WWAY he was not ready to comment on his departure, but said his last day on the air was Wednesday.

Thomas joined Sunny 104.5 three years ago to team with Sheila Brothers during morning drive, according to a StarNews story. Before that, the story said, Thomas had worked at WGNI for 19 years.

In a post on Sunny 104.5’s Facebook page this morning, Brothers responded to listeners who had wondered where her partner was.

“Craig is no longer with Sunrise Broadcasting,” Brothers wrote. “It was a management decision. But I want to strongly point out he did nothing wrong. I’ve been waiting, trying to come up with something meaningful and profound, but I’ve got nothing eloquent to say. Just that I miss my BFF. Thank you guys for your support and I will continue on, doing the best I can to make your day a Sunny one… ~Sheila.”

Station management has not yet returned a call for comment.

(Photo courtesy: facebook.com/1045sunny)


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  • christina mattas

    well, here we go again, i quit listening to GNI when Craig left and now i wont be listening to Sunny either! He made my morning commute to work very pleasant and he and Sheila together were funny. Craig if your’e reading this, let us all know if you join another station! By the way, who is that irritating woman that is on GNI every afternoon? I can’t stomach her, with her really false laugh, she seems to think she’s funny but i have to turn the radio off now on my way home cos i cannot stand to listen to her! Also, the 2 morning hosts that replaced Craig and Kitty are crap, they yap on about nothing and who wants that first thing in the morning when your’e in the morning rush hour? Whoever these people are that decide who or who not to have on the air are a bunch of idiots, they get rid of good guys and replace them with boring, stupid people. I think i’ll start listening to my CD’s, at least i dont have to listen to the stupid, annoying commercials over and over again………………….



  • Helen

    There aint nobody like Linda Wylde! She’s the best DJ in town no doubt. Yall need to go on bout your business and leave her out of this!

    Sorry ’bout losin your job, Craig! Miss ya already!

  • Vog46

    So they can be cut ups?

    Can sling the baloney?

    Act cheesey together?

    Anything else they can do together?


  • Thomasfan

    Craig Thomas was a no talent tool. He was about as “edgy” as George Eliot. He can reunite with his former sidekick Kitty in the Food Lion deli department!

  • graham

    Craig Thomas has a new home on life 90.5 FM.

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