EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: CFCC student excels in academics, volunteership


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cape Fear Community College student Malik Abdul-Rashid says he believes if he works hard enough, he can accomplish his greatest dreams.

On an average day, you can find Malik walking from class to class on the CFCC campus. But in a short conversation with him, you'll discover he's no average student. With wisdom beyond his years, Malik says people should be thankful for every moment.

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"Be proud of where you are in your life," Malik said. "You may not be where you want to
be but be proud of where you are because that's where you need to be."

Fueled by a drive to make his mother proud, often times, Malik chooses to study over hanging out with friends. He wants to be the hardest working student in the classroom, made evident by his 4.0 GPA. He believes if he works hard enough, one day, he can take the world by storm. "When you're passionate about something and you have the drive to go out and get it, then you can get it."

Despite a full class schedule, Malik finds the time to volunteer. He spends many days in Mrs. Brown's classroom at South Topsail Elementary School. Last year, he was named a state finalist for the Robert W. Scott Award for volunteership. He also received state recognition last year for his excellence in academics.

Malik says he hopes to leave a lasting impression on young students. "The main imprint that I want to leave is that, and I know that it may sound simplistic or trite, but education is important and your time is important so manage what you do with your time. I take time out of my day to help them and I hope that when they grow up, they take time out of their day to do the same."

Malik hopes to one day get his PhD in English and become a teacher. For now, the young scholar hopes to leave a legacy at CFCC, one of hard work and exceptional ambition.

"I want to be a person they look towards for inspiration and think ok now
if he did it, then I can do it," Malik said. He didn't have as much money as everyone
else, he didn't have as many great opportunities as others but he made his
own way."

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