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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Feeding the meters is a price we have to pay sometimes in order to park in the city limits. And if you don't, you could find a yellow envelope under your car windshield. But some leaders say ticketing is just not enough.

Port City Daily says Guilford County is looking for more ways to collect parking fines. A bill would allow the city to add unpaid parking fines to the offender's vehicle tax bill.

We asked folks here how they would feel if this happened in the Cape Fear.

"I believe in individual freedom and liberty," says New Hanover County Libertarian Party Chairman Jon Evans. "But I think that we are responsible for paying for our infractions. This is not something I oppose. I think that the people who do not pay their fines, there ought to be an enforcement mechanism. This is about as good as any." It would be an attempt to strengthen the collection of parking fines. A method people of Wilmington seem to welcome and support.

"If you have a conscience, and you want to do the right thing, then you do not need the laws much," says Pastor Joe Wilburn. "So you have to have consequences for those who want to do their own way and ignore things."

Currently, Wilmington responds to unpaid parking fines first with mail notices. After multiple tickets reach 90 days without being paid, the offender's car is booted.


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