Navassa uses grant toward new playground


NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — In just a couple of months, the wide open area at Phoenix Park in Navassa is going to turn into a playground designed by kids.

"I just think that for generations to come, they will be able to say, I helped plan that playground," Brunswick County Deputy Health Director Fred Michael said.

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The Town of Navassa is using grant money to build a playground at Phoenix Park off of Cedar Hill Road and Mt. Misery Road. Dupont donated the land for the project, and kids in Navassa are planning it. They took a vote on pieces of playground equipment this weekend.

"We have all the different pieces set up," Michael said. "They get a star and they walk down through the line and vote for them. Then we are going to tally up which pieces of equipment they like the most. That is the equipment that we will install here."

Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis says this is the beginning of big things in the town and community.

"What happens is it gives them some buy in. They will buy into the product," Willis said. "And by buying into the product, that will make them feel a little more responsible for it. That will make sure they use it more and a lot better than they have in the past."

The Eat Smart, Move More organization handed out healthy food and drinks during the event. One lucky kid even won a raffle for a new bike.


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