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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach town leaders are bracing themselves for tomorrow night's council meeting. Council members will vote on rezoning a plot of land currently zoned residential. That has some residents upset.

Right now Carolina Beach uses land owned by Sunny Point Military Terminal to store materials. The town has until June 1 to clean up the property and move the dumpsters that sit there now.

One of the proposed locations to move to is nine acres behind the Federal Point Shopping Center. Neighbors have started a petition saying rezoning the land to industrial would de-value their homes and disturb the peace in their community.

Mayor Bob Lewis suggested an alternate piece of land on Dow Road to no avail.

"We are running out of options," Lewis said. "I gave the council an option last week; a lot in the industrial zone, which the town could make an offer to buy, and no one else on council, other than myself, supported even making an offer."

That leaves council to vote on rezoning the residential area behind the shopping center. Mayor Lewis says he expects this issue to take up most of the meeting.

The mayor said the town will only use one out of the nine acres of land for the waste disposal site. That leaves eight acres of buffer between the site and residential areas.


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