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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Winnabow man is dead after a shooting overnight in Wilmington. Now police are looking for his killer, and family members are trying to figure out what happened.

The family of Rahman Liadi, 25, did not want to show their faces on camera, but his sister says he was a good guy who spent most of his time working.

“He went to South Brunswick. He graduated,” she said. “He owned 10 percent of a company. He worked at verizon. He never bothered anybody. My only brother.”

Wilmington Police say their Shot Spotter system led them to the Houston Moore housing complex around 12:15 a.m. Thursday. That’s where they found Liadi with a gunshot wound. They say he died at the scene.

A police spokesman says officers are looking for answers.

“Basically, we’re looking for help from the public to try and identify who might have, who might be responsible for this,” Cpl. Kevin Smith said.

Liadi’s family told us he was shot twice. They also say there was a gun found under his body. They speculate he was trying to get out his gun to defend himself as his killer got away. Relatives say Liadi had a permit for the gun.

Court records show Liadi had a may court date for carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana possession.

Now his family is left hoping someone knows who killed him.

“Just please call the Wilmington Police Department,” Liadi’s cousin said.

“Come forward, please,” Liadi’s sister said.

At this point, police won’t say whether they found a gun on Liadi.

If you have any information about the murder, call Wilmington Police.


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  • Miss Winnabow

    Needless to say the reporter has things somewhat misconstrued. Rahmon was not your typical black man known for “hustling.” I guarantee you that nobody in the hood can say they knew Rahmon. Reason being it was unfamiliar territory to him as well as many other young African American people born/raised in Winnabow. Statistically this may be the first death in houston moore but I can reassure all it will not be the last this year. This is the very reason why instead of black/white I dont care mexican whatever its time for everyone to take a stand..theres a problem in wilmington NC and it didnt just start. If you go there and come back without being robbed or shot to death consider yourself blessed. People this is not the time or place to criticize ones way of living. He graduated from SBHS and became somebody as Im sure that the killer is only dying to be “somebody” well let me say no amount of clout from your hood can justify you taking the life of a man with a bright smile but an even brighter future. Thats not ok. These comments are very disturbing. There is a lack of love and sympathy from the community in general when its a time to hold eachother up.

  • SMH

    You people make me sick. I bet none of y’all knew him an ur gonna say things like this, just shows how unintelligent u are. That was somebody’s son, brother, friend. It doesn’t matter what he did or where he was from his life was taken from him. An have you ever thought maybe he was out there trying to in courage people to better them selfs? No y’all just quick to judge somebody that u no nothing about.

    R.I.P Rahman

  • SscBC

    Yall should be ashamed. Acting like you are perfect citizens smdh. Taking badly about a son, brother ,and friend to many. Sad you get off on some being murdered . Think if it was your family you wouldnt appriciate it. Grow up

  • Guest2512

    To everyone who posted negative comments about Rahman… You should be ashamed of yourself. This is someone’s family member who just tragically passed away at 25 years old at that. As someone who actually knew him, went to school with him and worked together I know he was actually a good person. So why don’t you use your head and some respect for human life before making comments and passing judgment on others.

  • GS

    I think the news reporter may have y’all a little misconstrued. This young man has been taking away from his Mother, only sister, and a slew of cousins and friends. He was known for standing up for what he believed in.. not for selling dope or being in the hood, I guarantee you nobody in “the hood” can say that they knew him. Reason being that wasn’t familiar territory to a young man raised down a dirt road in Brunswick Co. Attended church, was an amazing athlete of SBHS where he gained respect from his brothers of many races. He was always respectful and a smile forever remained on his face. He may not of had the latest fashion and technology..but thru Gods grace he made it ..he left this world SOMEBODY. TBH a lot of Brunswick co. Residents have nothing to show for the first or last 25+ years. Sadly you guys get on here and discriminate your neighbor. This could be your son or nephew..so please be more careful/considerate of others. As for the marijuana court case/ charge..rahmon wasn’t an addict nor your
    typical black man by far. Whose to say that it was not your child he’d only taken the rap for …thats the kind of person he was. Black or white he deserves justice.

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