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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — On Wednesday 20 March 2013, a pitbull that was with his owner but not on a leash, attacked two WPD police horses as the Mounted Officers were passing through 2nd and Chestnut Streets.

The dog latched on to one of the horses as the Officers tried to get their mounts away. The horse received several puncture wounds and scratches, however after being seen by a vet, it was determined that no serious injury took place.

The dog also bit the boot of one of the riders but did not cause injury.

The dog was taken into custody by the NHCSO Animal Control and the owner was charged on a citation for City Code Violation of not having a dog on a leash.


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  • Dog Lover

    Are you kidding me? There is no excuse to have a pit bull on the street off leash. I feel for the dog. Its the irresponsible owner that needs to be collared, leashed and muzzled.

  • Guest67

    I would have protected my horse and shot the dog. I love dogs, I own two and volunteer/foster with a local rescue. If I was present when the attack occurred and had my firearm – that dog would not be in custody, it would be dead.

  • Guest2020

    If you insist on owning a dangerous dog, be responsible and keep the thing where it cannot hurt others. How hard can it be to restrain your dog? If it is that difficult for you then you have no business owning one.

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