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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Should gay couples be allowed to marry and and be afforded the same benefits as a man and a woman? Some of our country’s brightest legal minds are left to answer that question as the battle hit the United States Supreme Court this afternoon.

While the debate over Proposition 8 rages in the Supreme Court, students at UNCW find themselves arguing whether this is a debate over values or equality.

“Any kind of sin is bad, and gay marriage falls under a sin,” UNCW student Will Oaks said.

Gay rights advocate Djuro Raskovic has a much different view.

“There is no reason besides bigotry that people don’t support gay marriage,” Raskovic said.

Members of the gay community at UNCW gathered in the LGBTQIA Room Tuesday afternoon to discuss the arguments before the Supreme Court about California’s ban on same sex marriage.

“I support it because I support equality for everyone,” Raskovic said. “It doesn’t matter race, color, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Just equality for every single human being, because we are all human. It says all men and women are created equal in the constitution. It doesn’t say that all straight men and women are created equal.”

Conservatives on campus say the Bible clearly establishes marriage as being a holy union between a man and a woman making homosexuality and gay marriage sins.

“I’m not saying that someone who is in a homosexual relationship or has homosexual intentions is any worse off than anybody, because it says that all sins are weighed equally, but I do look at it as a sin and against God’s will,” Oaks said.

“We have separation of church and state for a reason, and I don’t understand why what the Bible says should be used as an interpretation for what our laws and government should be,” Raskovic said.

Several Supreme Court justices raised doubts today that the case is properly before them. Justice Anthony Kennedy suggested the court could dismiss the case with no ruling at all.


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  • BobGuest

    I believe the argument that same sex marriage is a sin is an irrational thought perpetuated by closed minded people. There are many differing views based on the teachings of the bible, we do not hate the Jewish for their disbelief in Jesus. We do not hate Muslims for there belief in the koran. There are to many different views on life, religion and to many cultures to settle for one closed minded ideal. I work with and have friends that are on both sides of this hot button issue. I don’t base there value as a coworker or a friend on there religious or sexual orientation. This issue seems more to me a question of economics. The only entity that this would affect is the insurance companies and the increase in coverage and pay outs they will be responsible for. Let people be who they are. Don’t look down on them because your beliefs are different. I will keep my friends and continue to work with those on both sides of this issue. Because when this is settled there will be something new to fight about.

  • eGuest

    So you say any argument that can be made against same-sex marriage is completely invalid. Well here is one for you you show me were to gay men have had sex and made a baby.I will make it easy for you. Show me through the History of this plant where this has happened and I will go along with because it hasn’t. Being gay is not not right or natural.It is a lie from the pits of hell they are not in love it is just a type of immoral lust between two people. For if it was not they could have childern by natural means only.So I am waiting for you to prove this fact.Not Right

  • Lyle Kunsford

    …no homo..

  • eGuest

    OK let’s take take religion and your personal feelings out of the equation.As you say,it’s just not the natural order of thing you can’t take 2 male or two female anything and make it work.you cant take 2 bolt and put them together you need nuts. you can’t take 2 female ends of a drop cord and make that work either.It’s just not natural.When you find something that is let me know that would be interesting.

  • Pro Same Sex Marriage

    Any argument that can be made against same-sex marriage is completely invalid. You cannot argue that it is a sin because our country was founded on religious freedom and if we allow religion to continue to take away a group of people’s right to marriage then that is not religious freedom, that is allowing religion to dictate something that not everyone in the US agrees with. If something does not harm you then how is it fair for you to take away someone’s right to a happy marriage with the person they love. It is complete ignorance to argue against such and is the same scenario as saying people of different races may not wed, which I’m sure quite a few of the people who are against gay marriage still feel the same way about that issue as well.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    The problem with the opponents of gay marriage is that there is no good reason to prevent gay marriage. When you take religion and your personal feelings out of the equation (which any good juror should do), then there is no logical stand against it. Don’t talk to me about pro-creation either. If that’s the case then outlaw marriage between seniors or those that are barren. Personally my favorite argument is that gay marriage will “ruin” marriage. I’m sorry, but straight people have done that already. The divorce rate in the U.S. is I believe well over 50%. Not to mention that a man and woman who know each other for less than 10 minutes can legally get married. Or say a geriatric 82 year old Hugh Hefner who can get married to any 20 year old he is willing to pay for. Marriage is already a joke in this country…let everyone enjoy the fun!

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