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ONLSOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An Onslow County Sheriff’s deputy who resigned last week after an incident in North Charleston, SC, has accepted a new position with the department, according to news release.

Sheriff Ed Brown said he offered Culpepper a job in the county’s detention center after the incident. Culpepper initially said he did not want that job and tendered his resignation. Brown said the resignation was effective April 3.

Brown told WWAY earlier this week the offer was still on the table. In a news release, Brown said Culpepper this morning rescinded his resignation and agreed to accept the job as a deputy in the jail.


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  • Guesttoo

    I think this is an elegant solution. Entirely possible that this was a good employee that let a situation get away from him when he was goaded into doing something stupid. Should the sheriff toss away all of the training/experience/knowledge that the tax payers have invested in this person, based on one incident?

    Or, should the sheriff take the person out of the situation that got him in trouble (car) and utilize his skills and knowledge elsewhere? I’m sure there are financial implications involved (should be, if not) and I think this addresses the situation very nicely.

  • Guest CommonTater

    Sheriff Ed Brown should be ashamed… but… he won’t be I’m sure.

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