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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are looking for the driver of an 18-wheeler who almost ran over a man. The man says the truck driver ran through power lines, nearly hitting him and then kept on driving.

The owner of Atlantic Auto Service on Princess Place Drive says an 18-wheeler was trying to make a U-turn Tuesday morning when he realized the truck was going to hit the low power lines. Huseyn Eminof says he was trying to wave and yell at the driver to stop. He says the driver’s window was shut and he was not paying attention to him.

“(I) tried to stop him, waved my hands, threw my coffee,” Eminof said. “He tried to run me over, and if I wouldn’t have stepped away, he would have ran me over. He just kept going, did not stop at all.”

Eminof says he ran after the truck, but the driver kept going, ripping the lines off the side of his building. He says the side of his shop is messed up.

Eminof says he had to jump out of the way of the truck, so he would not get hit.

“He almost ran me over. I had to run towards the street,” Eminof said. “He just kept going, ripped off everything, kept going, didn’t look back at anything.”

Eminof says he told police a black man was driving the truck and gave the license plate number. He says the truck was white with a blue logo.

A witness says he called police and described the truck, which kept going down Princess Place Drive and took a left turn onto 23rd Street.

Eminof says he has no power and now he cannot work.

“Until my electricity comes back today maybe not today, maybe it will take a couple of days,” he said. “I will loose money on my business.”

Wilmington Police and firefighters responded to the scene. Police are investigating any leads.


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