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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (NEWS RELEASE FROM FORMER MAYOR RAY ROTHROCK) — On Wednesday, April 3, 2013, Town of Carolina Beach is having a Budget Work Session at 11:00 am. Question to be answered is: Why are we taxpayers paying your Health and Dental Insurance? Meeting is open to the Public.

The cost to we taxpayers is $6,000 a year for each Council Member getting FREE Health Insurance and $360.00 a year for each Council Member getting FREE Dental Insurance.

This is costing we taxpayers $26,200 a year!

I saw on the Town Web Page, an advertisement for hiring a Storm Water Construction Specialist with starting pay at $24,700.00 a year.

Let the Council Members pay for their own Medical and Dental Insurance and we will be able to pay the salary of the employee that is needed and hired, with a little left over.

I have learned that neither Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island nor City of Wilmington provides FREE Medical and Dental Insurance to their employees. Why does the Town of Carolina Beach?

I doubt very much that if you should ask any of the Council Members their thoughts about them paying for their own Medical and Dental Insurance, they would say, “yes, let me pay for it”!

Thanks for reading and feel free to pass this information to other Citizens of Carolina Beach.


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