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CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — Three weeks after fire destroyed a Calabash strip mall, one business reopened today with help from colleagues around the world.

The owner of Head Hunters Barber Shop did not have insurance. He did, though, have help from other barbers who donated supplies, including one all the way from Finland

For weeks there’s been a buzz around Calabash. When would Marco Rooks reopen his barber shop after a March 18 stripmall fire destroyed it and several other shops?

Thursday, it was “shear” joy for customers as the shop reopened in a new home.

“Everything you see is from scratch,” Rooks said. “We had to do the plumbing, electrical, everything. So we started from scratch with just an empty building.”

Rooks and his employees salvaged some things from the fire, but it was not enough to open a new shop.

“Everything else: mirrors, water bottles, all new clippers, some of them well over $100 a piece; everything had to be bought,” employee Chris Scott said.

Then… some help.

Rooks posted about the fire in an online forum for barbers. He was warning others to get the insurance he did not have. Within days fellow barbers responded offering their extra equipment and supplies.

Rooks says it was heart warming.

“People I’ve never met just reading posts online. They sent things,” Rooks said. “Neckstrips, things that we need in the shop, all of us, for our day-to-day activities. Just out of the goodness of their heart they started sending. One guy from Helsinki, Finland.”

Customers are happy the shop is back open.

“I had planned to go down and get a haircut on a certain day, which turned out the shop burned down the night before, so I’ve been waiting ever since,” one man said as he got his long-awaited haircut.

A wait cut shorter thanks to that help from afar.

The new Head Hunters is located off Beach Drive and Highway 179 in Calabash.


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