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BOLTON, NC (WWAY) — Whiteville Police are looking for the man they say shot Bolton Police Chief Edward Gillim in the leg Wednesday night.

District Attorney Jon David said he has asked the SBI to help the Whiteville Police investigate.

Whiteville Police say they were responding to a report of a man with two weapons on Virgil Street, until the situation took a turn.

“The investigation rises from basically searching to make sure someone is safe to actually apprehending someone for trying to take someone’s life or injuring someone seriously,” said Sgt. Det. Tedd Dixon.

Whiteville Police are looking for a man they say is armed and dangerous, after they say he shot Bolton Police Chief Edward Gillim.

“Anyone that would shoot a cop is a bigger threat to society. Bottom line,” said Dixon.

The shooting happened outside a home on Virgil Street, around 8:30p.m.

When officers arrived, two men took off running. Police caught Thurman Jones in the woods and charged him with resisting a public officer.

Police say the other man jumped into the car of Bolton Police Chief Edward Gillim, who was on scene after getting a tip from a friend.

“It was Chief Gillim’s personal car, which I’m assuming he thought was a local citizen. Some type of struggled ensured, and Chief Gillim was shot in the leg,” said Dixon.

Police say the Chief drove himself to Columbus Regional Medical Center. He was treated for the bullet graze and released overnight.

Thursday, Chief Gillim was recovering at home.

Police say they do not believe Gillim’s shooting is related to a shootout Tuesday night in the same area and urge anyone with information to come forward.


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