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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The agenda for Monday’s New Hanover County Commission meeting released today gives a look at resolutions commissioners will use to reprimand Brian Berger.

Commissioners plan to discuss a Petition in Amotion to remove Berger from the board and to censure him during the meeting.

According to the resolutions, commissioners cited Berger’s 12 unexcused absences since taking office, his criminal charges, statements he has made against county officials, money he owes the county and his refusal to resign as reasons why he is unfit to serve.

Click here to read the resolutions

“What I need to know are what are the consequences, number one, of this process,” Commissioner Jonathan Barfield said. “I need to be more educated on this, and I think that will be the position of the entire board.”

Ahead of monday’s meeting, commissioners will meet tomorrow for their agenda review, where they will discuss the censure and amotion against Berger.

None of the other commissioners, including Berger, have responded to our requests for comment.


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