New Hanover County Commissioners support film incentives as is


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Today New Hanover County Commissioners voted in support of a resolution that would keep the film incentives as is.

The New Hanover County Commissioners join Wilmington City Council as local leaders who support the film industry in North Carolina and oppose Bill 994.

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The proposed bill would get rid of the refundable portion of North Carolina’s film tax credit.

Two local sponsors of the bill, Representatives Rick Catlin and Chris Millis have not been available for comment other than emailed statements.

County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield thinks Catlin and Millis should come out of hiding.

“As a public server, in my opinion, there’s an old phrase, you’ve got to man up. You know when you say it, stand by what you said,” said Barfield.

Over the weekend hundreds gathered in Downtown Wilmington to rally against possible changes in the film incentives.