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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County man says his six-year-old stepson has been the target of constant bullying for months and the school and the school district are not doing anything to help.

Six-year-old Corey McFadden is just like any other kindergarten student. He’s full energy and loves to play with his sisters, but Corey has been out of school for several days because his parents say he is the target of constant bullying.

“There has been several incidents where he has been beat up,” Corey’s stepdad James Lindsey said. “Two have required us to take him to the ER.”

Corey is a student at Penderlea Elementary School. The school’s principal declined our request for an on-camera interview, but Corey remembers the abuse.

“We we’re going to the playground, and there were two kids that hit me back,” Corey said.

Lindsey reached out to WWAY because after months of trying to resolve the problem himself he says he did not know what else to do.

“We have gone to the school board, we’ve gone to the principal, the assistant principal, even went to the sheriff’s department and the department of child protective services, and nobody is giving us any answers,” Lindsey said.

He hopes to have answers soon, so he can have peace of mind before sending Corey back to school.

Pender County School officials also would not go on camera. In a statement this afternoon the district said, “The Pender County Board of Education strives to create a safe and orderly learning environment and does not tolerate bullying in any of its educational activities or programs. All reports of bullying are investigated by principals. Individual student cases cannot be discussed.”


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    This is a heartbreaking TRUTH!!!! In fact, my child has been bullied since 1st grade by a certain child. I went each time to the Principal and still, no actions were taken. Recently, that verbal bullying became a violent attack in which my child was PUNCHED in the HEAD multiple times, in the YMCA Afterschool, on School premises and still NO ACTION TAKEN! I wasn’t even called about the incident!!!!!!!!
    In fact, I have met with the YMCA Site Director, County Director, Chief Executive Director, Principal again, Pender County Schools Director, Superintendent, and her assistant and NOTHING.
    Fortunately,my child no longer attends that School and this is obviously a repetitive NEGLECT. Childrens SAFETY & SECURITY should be taken seriously and this problem should CEASE AND DESIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 211

    Children are not the only ones that bully. Its done daily in the adult work force. On reg. jobs and in the schools.

  • kmissy910

    Watch the video. The child is six and has a problem with articulation. He pauses before he says back like hes trying to remember how to put the sentence together also. Come on guys hes six.

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