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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach Police are investigating a fight between as many as 60 people that sent four men to the hospital, one with severe head trauma.

According to a witness whose identity we have chosen to withhold due to her age two separate groups of people had had been out on the Royal Winner Princess II Party Cruise.

When they returned to shore her group was trying to decide on rides home when her 32-year-old cousin got in a verbal altercation with a member of the other group, which she believed to be from Clinton, NC.

“The dude started rambling on about something and pushed my cousin, and then after that it was like chaos,” said a teenage witness to the fight. “People surrounded him, and from what I could see they were beating him up pretty bad, but my father came in and yanked someone off of him and beat him to the ground. Then this random dude came out of nowhere and tried to hit my dad so my first reaction was to try and run and stop the conflict between my dad and this random dude. This man came between me and my dad and threw a swing at me and it hurt.”

During the altercation our witness says her cousin tried to use a shovel to protect himself but was repeatedly hit in the head with bricks from a nearby building. The man suffered severe head trauma and is currently in the intensive care unit at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

At this time Carolina Beach Police say that there is an ongoing investigation into the incident; however, no warrants have been issued and no arrests have been made.


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  • Eye Witness

    Ma’am, I mean no disrespect, but may I suggest that you get your facts straight BEFORE commenting…

    1. You were NOT there… correct?

    2. How old exactly is this daughter again? Until your recent comment, the “story” was that your 16 year old daughter was celebrating her birthday and was hit trying to “help” her father as he was “beating” another man “to the ground.” Is this daughter now only 13? If so, we are discussing the wrong things… we should be discussing how to bottle up your secret to age reversal – sounds like you have the fountain of youth over in Wilmington.

    3. What type of father would start fighting with his adolescent daughter (13, 16, 12, 17, at this point who knows what age you will use) still in harm’s way? Every father I know, worth anything, would have focused on getting their daughter out of danger instead of “beating” some man “to the ground.” And, according to your daughter’s statement, her father was not being attacked with bricks – he was “beating a man to the ground.”

    4. I witnessed the man with the shovel walk BEHIND several individuals and swing the shovel at their HEADS, connecting at least twice that I personally observed. This is the same man who was one of the primary aggressors from the Wilmington group.

    5. As far as the bricks go, did your daughter mention that she and/or her friends were also throwing bricks that night? It’s clear that you only received a partial account of the events of that night, so no one would be surprised if that “minor” detail was omitted.

    6. There were NOT 40 people from Clinton to start with, let alone 40 people from Clinton fighting. There were a total of 27 (28 if you count the bus driver) people from Clinton. Again, check your facts — or, better yet, refrain from commenting on incidents you did not witness first hand.

    7. The Clinton group had 12 men period. One was the bus driver. TWO stayed on or next to the bus and were NOT fighting at all. ONE had been asleep on the bus since before the fight started (and was fast asleep through the entire ordeal). And another ONE was NOT fighting, was actually trying to pull the Clinton men back to the bus. So, that only leaves 7. And, although your number has changed several times over the past several days, if we use your most recent account, there were 6 men with the Wilmington group – who again, were the aggressors. So, 7 men to 6 men… I guess you can say they were “outnumbered.”

    8. The difference between you and I ma’am, is that I am sharing a FACTUAL account of an incident that I PERSONALLY witnessed… I was there… I watched everything as it happened. I pleaded for ALL parties to stop fighting. I saw a young girl on the side crying that she had been hit. I was outraged that she was hurt and very upset that she was even in the mix to be hurt. So, I understand a mother’s frustration and anger and do not want to discount the fact that children were involved and hurt. But let’s all be clear… I didn’t get hit because I exercised common sense and stayed away from the violence. Perhaps this is a lesson that you should consider teaching to your children. I mean this with all sincerity; please teach your children better… everyone! Stop teaching children to run towards danger… to participate in the violence. As I said before, this incident could have easily escalated to even more deadly violence. We all have to do a better job teaching and DEMONSTRATING common sense, self-preservation and violence avoidance to our children.

    And again I’ll say…

    Be Blessed Y’all

  • Another Eyewitness #2

    YOU DEAR MOTHER, really need to get all the facts straight before commenting. Where the party bus was parked there was no cars anywhere in the area. He parked away from any cars in order to block cars passage through. Again, re-read your daughter interview, she said she heard someone from the party bus telling one of the ADULT THUGS YOU left those girls with they couldn’t come on the bus. Therefore, signifying that someone from the Wilmington group tried to borad with out permission. The van blocking the bus was pulled up by one of your group members, again signifying confrontation. You keep talking about your daughter being hit, why didn’t her father try to remove her from the chaos instead of “beating someone to the ground” as she stated? NO ONE tried to hit your daughter diliberately and you know it! YOU so quick to call someone a coward, but the ADULT THUGS YOU left in charge of your daughter and her friends are the ones you should be angry with.

  • Another Eyewitness account

    This is in response to the mother, Marie Balloon who left a comment. How can you even open your mouth to comment about a situation that YOU weren’t apart of? Maybe YOU (mother) should have been there instead of the ADULT THUGS (at least 7 or 8)YOU left your daughter and friends with. You are truly going by hear say accounts. Your child and the other girls that were accompanied by the ADULT THUGS YOU left them in charge with, did become aggressive and attempted to board a party bus that they didnt belong on. They didn’t come on a party bus so they didn’t have any business attempting to board one! Apparently YOU and many others aren’t listening to what your daughter said in the article interview, when she said, “all I know is someone said something about you’re not allowed on this bus.” So if no one from your daughters group was trying to enter the bus, why then was that said? It was said because those ADULT THUGS YOU left your daughter and her friends with attempted to enter a bus they knew YOU didn’t provide for them to ride on. They (the ADULT THUGS)were essentially deemed as aggressive and as far as some of the women on the party bus concerned, they felt as if they could have been trageted for robbery by those ADULT THUGS.

    YOU, lady put your daughter and the other girls with her in harms danger when YOU sent them off with those ADULT THUGS. Those THUGS when told to move on said, “you must not know who you talking too and where you’re at.” If they were so innocent and not looking for confrontation, none of that would have come out their mouths. Also, DEAR MOTHER, what are you teaching your daughter? She said herself that her first thought was to help her father as he was “beating someone down to the ground.” REALLY??? The THUG that grabbed a shovel didn’t do that in self defense, he did that because once again he and the other THUGS were looking for trouble. I’m truly praying for his speedy recovery, even though, he hit several people with that shovel, which DEAR MOTHER, can be deemed as ATTEMPTED MURDER. So, those persons hit by the shovel he was swinging, in fact should be pressing ATTEMPTED MURDER charges on him! On top of that he should also face PROPERTY DAMAGE charges because he also beat the Hardee’s sign with the shovel. Did YOU know that DEAR MOTHER? So far, that’s at least 3 charges of ATTEMPTED MURDER on him, at least 9 charges of ATTEMPTED ROBBERY (because at least 9 women only was on the bus when he and the other THUGS attempted to board when told not to)and at least one charge of REAL PROPERTY DAMAGE. Should I continue?

    There’s so much that you don’t have the full and accurate details on, that you shouldn’t be commenting. YOU DEAR MOTHER, made a decision to leave your daughter and other people daughters in the hands of ADULT THUGS that made bad decisions on ATTEMPTED ROBBERY, ATTEMPTED MURDER and REAL PROPERTY DAMAGE. I absolutely been trying to avoid commenting since last week, but because YOU made a ridiculously half truth comment, I felt the need to enlighten YOU and others on the TRUTH! I could go on and on about this matter, but I’m not about to go comment to comment with YOU. Please, DO NOT keep saying the Clinton group jumped and endangered your child, the ADULT THUGS YOU left your daughter with endangered her and the other girls. Maybe those parents should be coming after YOU and the ADULT THUGS in your group for child endangerment. Know that facts!

  • marie Balloon

    I guess the police were out numbered but what about the people from wilmington I mean really 20 in their group 14 of them being girls under the age of 17 to 40 of the people from clinton. Someone made a comment about the guy with the shovel well….. I guess after I get shoved and hit by 3 guys I would grab a shovel also. Maybe you didn’t see the 5 women that were with the party yup they were there trying to stop the beatings the guys were taking. You said just cause you lost a fight doesn’t make you a victim no but getting jumped while being out numbered cause the little punks couldn’t fight one on one does. The teenager that got hit wasn’t in between 2 grown men she didn’t make it that far before some sorry excuse for a man hit her. No one was trying to get on their bus they were figuring out what child was riding home with who not very aggresive like you were saying. Really if you don’t know what happened don’t try to seem like you do just make your little comment and keep right on going. Just be glad they didn’t hit you cause the people from clinton sure put an innocent person that was trying to call for help in the hospital.

  • marie Balloon

    Wow to be a witness you sure didn’t see anything. The wilmington people were standing in front of the clinton bus figuring out what child would ride with who. As a matter of fact there was 5 women in that party. The man with the shovel picked up the shovel after being shoved and hit by 3 different men. The car that blocked the van was a cop car thats how the police kept them from leaving. As a teenager if you saw your father getting hit with bricks wouldn’t you try to stop it? The shovel came from the same place these wonderful clinton people got the bricks from. What kind of coward does it take to have to hit people with bricks and knowing you out number them by 20. And just for the record the 13yr old wasn’t between the fighting men the sorry coward hit her as she was trying to get to her father. The people from wilmington were doing everything they could to protect the children.

  • Witness

    1. The group from Wilmington started the altercation by attempting to force their way onto the other group’s party bus.
    2. The man who needed surgery was the AGGRESSOR in the altercation. He was not attacked until after he had hit multiple people in the FACE and HEAD with a SHOVEL. Swinging a shovel at a person’s head is tantamount to attempted murder.
    3. The group from Wilmington endangered the lives of the teenagers, not the other group. The other group was trying to board their bus. The Wilmington group approached the bus (which was parked all the way across the street from the dock), there were no other vehicles in the lot where the bus was parked, and declared their intent to board the bus. For a bus occupied by a few women, a large group of strangers, including aggressive talking/acting men, is a clear threat/safety concern.
    4. If anyone should be arrested, it should be the man with the shovel.
    5. Parents should be more selective in who they allow to chaparone their children. The chaparones in this case were the aggressors. Where were the women? Where were the mothers? Why were there only male chaperones for a 16 year old female’s birthday? Why would chaparones of a birthday party blatantly start trouble with another, non aggressive group? Why did the Wilmington group approach the bus in the first place? Where did the shovel even come from? Why would a teenage girl jump between two grown men fighting? Why would someone from the Wilmington group pull a van in front of the party bus to attempt to block the other group in the parking lot?

    As a witness to this incident, I was afraid for my life and the lives of others involved. There was no reason for this altercation to occur or continue to escalate. I’m thankful that no one involved, traumatized or not, lost their life due to this nonsense.

    For future reference, be careful who you walk up on. Peaceful people will defend themselves and protect their loved ones when provoked.

    And finally, losing a fight does not make you a victim. You cannot be a bully/instigator and a victim at the same time.

    Be Blessed Y’all

  • Guestmyway

    Yeah that crap happens in Wilmington all the time, but it doesnt happen in Carolina Beach all the time.

    The cops did get there when things were still going down. Like cochroaches when the light is turned on, when the cops got there, they all ran and pointed the other direction. And the ones that went to the hospital couldnt identify who did it.

    Regardless of who they were and where they came from, that kind of utter disregard for human life and safety needs to be addressed and whoever it was that caused the 4 to go to the hospital should get a nice stay in jail for attempted murder.

  • Boss Strong

    Civil War over huh? Then why is it so easy to pick out union braggarts gloating victory, and uninformed confederate sympathizers slinging the term yankee at anybody that ” ain’t from round here. ” These biased idiots will run to their respective armies and start killing just like the people before them.

  • Guest Reply

    You sure this didn’t happen in downtown Wilmington? Sounded like a typical weekend night situation down there to me.
    As far as no arrest made…doesn’t seem to mention the police coming there until after everything was said and done. He said/she said ;-(
    Maybe it started over who had the biggest fish caught…or who had the most to drink or the drunkest, or who pinched whom’s wife on the Butt-Tocks too much. Maybe it started over Iron Man 3 being filmed here. Maybe it started because……………….>
    “Rednecks on the Brine”!

  • Guest-o-matic

    …the Gulf coast beaches of southern Alabama for the past 4 decades. And it isn’t spelled “Rivera”. Carolina Beach is a nice place with a family environment now and we all love it. We have no control as to the quality of tourists that visit here, anymore than does Wrightsville, Topsail or even Figure Eight Island. They ALL have problems with unruly visitors that weren’t taught well by mamma.
    Speaking of which, your mamma didn’t teach you to spell or construct a basic sentence very well did she? One can easily deduce you are most likely lacking substantially in other areas as well.

  • Guestof it

    And does anyone find it odd that there were no arrests made? Some guy had his head smashed open and 4 went to the hospital and no one is arrested that night? How is that possible? Great investigative work.

  • William Krebs

    I live in NY but have owned a home in Carolina Sands, Carolina Beach since 2005. My father has lived in Kure Beach since 1994. Carolina Beach was a bit rough in the 1990s but continues to clean up and the people are great. The area is wonderful and to say redneck is wrong. Southerners are the best Americans I have ever met and I fully plan to retire down South to enjoy the people and the culture. These idiots, whatever their color, are a disgrace and do not reflect the wonderful place Carolina Beach is.

  • Guest37652

    LOL! No matter how many big fancy homes you build CB will ALWAYS be CB…The Redneck Rivera. SMH

  • lonetraveler

    That was just another Saturday night party for the brawlers from Clinton. They don’t think it’s a party unless someone starts a fight. That’s what they do for entertainment. Hitting a woman or child doesn’t bother them either, everyone is game.

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