Local reaction to FDA’s decision to change purchase age of Plan B One-Step


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Food and Drug Administration lowered the age a woman can purchase the morning after pill on Tuesday.

Girls as young as 15, can buy the emergency contraceptive without a prescription.

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Earlier this month, a ruling by a federal judge instructed the FDA to lift all age restrictions on the pill. The FDA says its decision is independent of the court case.

“Fifteen seems awfully young. I think that anyone that age is a child, you know that’s still a child,” Kyra Tebow said.

Women 17 years and older could buy the pill over-the-counter before the FDA changed the age requirements.

“Women of all ages should have access to emergency contraception if and when they need it so they can prevent an unintended pregnancy,” Emily Callen of North Carolina Plan Parenthood Field Coordinator said.

The FDA says the contraceptive will sit on the shelves in the pharmacy, in the family planning or female health aisles.

“It’s not giving the kids any values or morals or anything like that. I just don’t agree with it at all,” mother Amanda Pitts said.

Sex education is the most important way to combat this issue according to Kae Livsey of the UNCW School of Nursing in the College of Health and Human Services.

“What we want to do is prevent them from ever needing Plan B, because they have a plan A,” Livsey said.

The pill goes for about 50 dollars and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.