Wait over as ‘Iron Man 3’ hits theaters


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –- “Iron Man 3” opened up in movie theaters across Wilmington at 9 p.m. Thursday.

“I’ve been waiting for a really long time to see the movie,” Katie Tipton said.

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Almost a year after several scenes of “Iron Man 3” were filmed in Wilmington, the wait is finally over and the movie is out in theaters.

“We’re all just buzzing with excitement,” Patricia Matson, an “Iron Man 3” extra, said.

Many people are eager to see how the Port City translated on the big screen, in such a highly anticipated movie.

“It’s kind of an Easter egg thing to be able to see Wilmington in some of the scenes,” Tyler Millage said.

“I’m looking for the hospital and outside PPD on the river,” Rebecca Bell said.

While some will be looking to see familiar places, others will be trying to spot themselves on the silver screen.

“It will be great if I spot myself in the movie, but even just to be able to celebrate all of the excitement of having it finally be out is fun,” Matson said.

Thomas Gilbert, owner of Fanboy Comics, says he has not been able to keep Iron Man merchandise on the shelves.

“We have sold out of every Iron Man t-shirt we had in stock, and it’s been like that all weekend,” Gilbert said.

Movie theaters are hoping the blockbuster will do the same for them.

“Being the biggest movie made in Wilmington so far, I’m expecting it to have a lot of business this weekend,” John Humphrey, First Assistant Manager at Carmike Cinemas, said.

The 9 p.m. showing of “Iron Man 3” sold out at Carmike Cinemas.