‘Iron Man 3’ expected to boost Free Comic Book Day


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Friday marks the first full day of screenings for “Iron Man 3” since the blockbuster premiered in theaters Thursday night.

Thomas Gilbert, owner of Fanboy Comics, says he cannot keep Iron Man merchandise on the shelves.

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Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day around the country. Gilbert expects Fanboy Comics’ turnout to be in the hundreds because of the sparked interest in comics since Iron Man 3 soared into theaters.

“‘Iron Man 3; will have a huge impact on free comic book day. We will get a ton of people who saw us at the movie theater and just have comics on their brain,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert says people will be camping out at the store overnight on Friday, to secure their place in line. The first 100 people to walk through the doors of Fanboy Comics will receive a prize bag, which will include gift certificates, comic books, and an Iron Man graphic novel.

The store is prepared to give away close to ten thousand comic books.

The event will kick off Saturday at 8 a.m.