Surprise home makeover for Marine coming home


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A local Marine is coming home from overseas Tuesday to a surprise home makeover. The executive producers of “Home Again” have done backyard renovations on the marine’s home while he has been away at war.

These two women have completely remodeled this backyard and even extended the house.

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“We have done about a 40 or 50 square foot addition to the back of their home. We built an entire deck that expands the entire length of the yard. We tore down an old shed, built a new shed, extended the property line so they have a lot more yard space and landscaped so the kids have a place to play,” Amy Tipton the creator and executive producer says.

Tipton and Beth Crookham, the executive producers of “Home Again,” say they chose the Murphy family for a reason.

“This is his fourth deployment and Capt. Wilkinson Murphy, they’re both Marines, and they’re both great. Not only is she an incredible military wife, but she’s an incredible Marine, and she’s also served,” Tipton says.

They say friends, family, and people in the community volunteered to put this together for the Murphys.

“It’s just overwhelming. All the people coming out to show support for our military heroes who sacrifice everything for us,” Tipton says.

“It’s been incredible to see the community we have,” Crookham says.

Come out and surprise our local Marine Tuesday as he comes home.

Tipton and Crookham say they hope a network will air this and “Home Again” will become a series. They want people in the community to line the streets at 2005 Wrightsville Ave. at 10:00 a.m. rain or shine to surprise Capt. Murphy.

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