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PORTERS NECK, NC (WWAY) — Monday evening a community open house meeting is being held about a proposed retail center with a Walmart superstore in Porters Neck.

We went around the area where it will be built to see what people think. Porters Neck residents say they are not happy about a Walmart in the area because there is one close by. One resident says traffic will be terrible with people coming from Hampstead and other areas.

“I just don’t think we need that many that close together and I think that it’s so residential back there that it would not be helpful for all the children and the value of the properties,” a resident Jolene Gunnell says.

Gunnell says it might be convenient for some, but it is not for the people that live in the area or their kids. She says it is not going to be safe for the kids that play outside with the increased traffic. Gunnell says she will be at the meeting and is spreading the word for others to attend.

The meeting is set for Monday at 5 at the Northeast Library.


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  • S Fatigatte

    When is enough enough??? The greed of the Walmarts of the world is shameful. No more trees, wildlife or serenity. Are we that arrogant that only we exist in this world? The heck with anyone or any other living thing. Pretty soon Wilmington all around will look like New York city or Chicago. Way to go for southern living!!!

  • Tennis Nut

    I’m new to the neighborhood (since July). Have enjoyed the Porters Neck area, which is a very nice middle class neighborhood (those endangered species folks). It seems to me that it would make more sense to locate further up Rt 17 into Pender County. Still in Wilmington “metro” area, should be lower rent/or land cost… If you are driving from somehere in NH County, you are already on the road and it wouldn’t be that much further…good supply of employees…
    would be easy to find a location with multiple access points.

    Not pro or con on Walmart, itself….just some thoughts on the issue.

    Good luck to everyone, in any event.

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