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PORTERS NECK, NC (WWAY) — On Monday evening Walmart and Paramount Development Corporation hosted an open house at the Northeast Library to educate residents about a proposed Walmart supercenter.

Residents were able to review details about the store including its architectural and sustainability features planned for 8107 Market Street.

Paramount Development Corporation has its eye on an almost 45 acre lot of land located behind the State Employees Credit Union in Porters Neck.

“The plan is to put in a Walmart supercenter, which means one stop shopping,” Bill Wertz, Walmart Director of Communication- East said.

The 182,000 square foot supercenter will include a bakery, a deli, a garden center, a drive-through pharmacy, and groceries.

“We want everyone to feel good about this project,” Wertz said.

But not everyone thinks the timing is right to go ahead with plans to build the supercenter. Residents say there is already a traffic problem in the area and adding a Walmart to Porters Neck will just add to the chaos.

“There’s a problem now, so they are not doing anything to correct the problem,” Jack Geist, a concerned resident said. “I am asking to correct the problem now and then go build your store.”

Some see no need for a store at all.

“We do not want any more development around here. We have a Walmart up the street. We don’t need it,” Bobby Brown, who owns property across from the proposed site, said.

Although there are three Walmarts already in the area, Wertz says a fourth will have a positive economic impact.

“When you can bring a project to the community that has 300 jobs, that’s a very worthwhile undertaking,” Wertz said.

Wertz says the next step is to satisfy the questions and concerns of the New Hanover County Planning Department and then obtain the necessary permits to proceed.


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