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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was a star-studded shoot on the streets of Hollywood East today.

Oscar-nominee Melissa McCarthy and Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon were filming a car scene for their upcoming movie “Tammy” on N. 4th St.

McCarthy’s character in the film is having a bad day after getting fired from her job and totaling her car. She turns to her grandmother Pearl, played by Sarandon, for help, and the two end up taking a road trip, which is the scene crews were filming today.

“They set out on a road trip, and Melissa doesn’t know where they are going, so it’s two minutes out of the gate, and she made the wrong turn,” Executive Producer Chris Henchy said. “She whips a U-turn right in front of us. I mean that’s the first five minutes of the road trip. They’re already screwed up.”

The crew said “Tammy” will be filming in Boiling Spring Lakes as well as Burgaw in addition to its Wilmington shoots.


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